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warren 190/75 or 190/30???

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So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or a 30 nozzle jess said that he runs a 190/30 on his tow rig and its clean and great but if i want to run a 75 on them as long as my tow tune can restrict the fuel well enough it wouldnt hurt it at all. What are my risk if i go 190/75 i tow anywhere from 16 to 32ft cattle trailers full of cows and or horses and also farm machinery pretty often. Also what are my hp differences between getting the 190/75 vs the 190/30 need help and suggestions and experiences?!?!?
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If you're towing frequently, then I'm not sure why you are looking at 190cc injectors and a dinky turbo like a Stage 1/Powermax. I guess it all depends on the weight you're looking to yank around. I have 190/100s, and I couldn't imagine trying to tow with these injectors and a Stage 1. On Eric's Xtreme X, I could 1800F EGTs before 80 mph empty and I don't see the point in getting 190s and then cramping down the injector's ability to flow just to say you have 190s. I guess, what I would recommend is if you go with 190s, then get at least 50% nozzles as 30% nozzles (like stock) are going to be too small.
I'm still interested in this 175/30 and a powermax with a billet wheel combo anyone know anything about this set up and how well it would work?:look:
This is what I would recommend. It should be a very fun combo for you and allow you to tow. Again it's all going to come down to tuning, but this should be fun for sure.
EGTs should be fine with this setup on a tow tune. Of course, I'm currently testing the turbo in my sig that I built my self (not an MTW turbo :hehe:) and I think I will possibly be able to tow with my 190/100s with no problem. No details yet. Collecting data.
Yea, it's a prototype right now so I'm collecting data with it. So far though, it's looking good. We'll see. It's actually not that big of a turbo. Just designed for efficiency. Hopefully my theories were right. :please:
...Step up and run 205's with compounds and have 500 horsepower to tow with, and 600+ to play with...Why have studs and all that, plus still possibly needing a transmission, all that money for a meager return.
I have to say that this makes sense to me.
What Kdogg is saying OP is why go through and pay all the money for bullet proofing the motor and beefing up the trans to only throw 500hp at it?? The platform that most make when they do this will handle significantly more power than that. So why just stop with a small turbo and injector upgrade, when for a little more you can have some serious power/fun potential?? I believe that is what he is saying. At least that is how I am taking it :hehe::hehe: and I have to agree.
...Pexinho proved on a dyno 175's 30 creates more HP and Tq where we need it most < 2000 RPM than 175's 75's...
What did he prove?? I'm pretty sure Charlie has only ran 175/stock injectors and 175/75s on his truck. Unless I missed something, which is possible...
I got that Denny. I thought you said, Charlie dyno'd 30% nozzles was all.
Haha. No worries Denny. It's all good man. Like I said, I was just making sure I didn't miss anything. I try to keep up with tests that people do. Can't always though..:hehe::hehe:
If you're deciding between a Stage 2 and Stage 2.5, I'd have to recommend the 2 if you're towing. I know it's been proven pretty good IMO. However though, I VERY much like the 2.5 and could DEFINITELY put that good use in other avenues of air delivery...
Yea Robert I agree with Aaron, start a thread man. You've actually done A LOT to your 6.0. WAY more than the average guy has and you tow quite a bit too. Besides man, we're trying to push your truck to absolute limit for power and reliable towing duties.
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