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warren 190/75 or 190/30???

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So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or a 30 nozzle jess said that he runs a 190/30 on his tow rig and its clean and great but if i want to run a 75 on them as long as my tow tune can restrict the fuel well enough it wouldnt hurt it at all. What are my risk if i go 190/75 i tow anywhere from 16 to 32ft cattle trailers full of cows and or horses and also farm machinery pretty often. Also what are my hp differences between getting the 190/75 vs the 190/30 need help and suggestions and experiences?!?!?
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Having the right turbo to help clean up the fuel is essential and aids with not having to pull as much fuel. If you can clean that fuel up you'll be golden. As for the /30 vs /75 nozzle, I think you could have fuel pulled and have your tuner work you a pretty good tow file and I'd recommend Matt at Gearhead for that. tow tuning also works the transmission data and he's great at it. I say go with the 75's and be done with it. I'm assuming you're upgrading turbos because 190's on a stock turbo is pushing the envelope a bit...hahaha It's doable but not optimal.
Thank you I was thinking it should be fine as long as my tune was good also just got me thinking when he told me he ran 30's on his but ok Jesse has me tune that he said would work good with the 75's and yes I'm definitely switching out turbos I was thinking a stage 1 powermax do you think that would be pretty idea or you got any suggestions?
If you're towing frequently, then I'm not sure why you are looking at 190cc injectors and a dinky turbo like a Stage 1/Powermax. I guess it all depends on the weight you're looking to yank around. I have 190/100s, and I couldn't imagine trying to tow with these injectors and a Stage 1. On Eric's Xtreme X, I could 1800F EGTs before 80 mph empty and I don't see the point in getting 190s and then cramping down the injector's ability to flow just to say you have 190s. I guess, what I would recommend is if you go with 190s, then get at least 50% nozzles as 30% nozzles (like stock) are going to be too small.
I tow maybe once or twice a week the rest of the time I'm back and forth to work and college. I don't see any problem with getting 190's in this case especially when I go to a 30% nozzle if I do and I've considered 50% but I know those are hard to get your hands on.
I've been curious about 190s for a while so I'm glad the OP started this thread. Is it possible to keep the 190's cool enough to tow? I've always thought no?
I have several friends with them that tow there weight isn't that high maybe a two horse trailer plus the horses and they don't have any trouble that's about 6klbs right there easy (if your like me I tow about three or four times that). From my understanding it's all about your tune and turbo.
Guys it sounds to me like the OP is towing well in excess of 10,000 lbs several times a week. I personally don't know why he would be considering 190's with any nozzle for a truck that does this. I know he wants a truck that plays too, but I think that's demanding a lot. It's doable, but not as easy as slapping on a powermax and having a tune emailed to you.

OP, if you HAVE to have 190's go with the smaller nozzle. If it was me I'd stay down around 155's, maybe stretch it to 175's with a small nozzle. IMHO no need for more than that with a small single VGT towing as much as you do. I would also recommend live tuning.
Would I be safe to run the 190s with a stage 2 turbo, fuel return and fuel system, arp studs, and a new inter cooler and still tow? I thought with all this I would be fine but y'all are throwing some pretty good advise at me and I need to know I'm considering bumping down to a 175 now with a 50 or 30 nozzle
Isn't it the nozzle size that really dictates the driveability of the injector? If so why not go 190/30. A 175/30 and 190/30 can be made to run the same with a tow tune and when he's not towing he has more than the 175/30. I agree you would probably want a larger turbo though. I'm really interested in this thread cause I've always thought the 190/30 would be a good injector size for the fact that is has a smaller nozzle for towing but still large enough to have a lot of fun with. I'm interested in what the op decides to go with.

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Yea I've always wondered also and now that I'm buying its time to find out I'm hoping the 190/30 or 190/50 will work with proper tuning and other mods.
Most people who are big into towing don't go with 190s. That is just too much fuel and it will be smokey, or you will have to pull a ton of fuel to even make it possible to tow something that heavy. 190s will haul butt!!! But not a lot of weight, unless you can clean them up with a larger turbo charger and more air flow. Although to a certain extent once you get so big on the turbocharger you will have more lag and it will be easier to get under the turbo and it will make towing and egts even worse.

Also what do you have done to the truck so far?
Head studs?
Any updates?
Oil cooler?

Maybe I can ask this question. Why 190s? Is it for racing and/or dyno... or are you under the impression that it will tow more?

I don't have a tow queen but I heavy followed many people on this forum and bigger is not always better unless you have LOTS OF MONEY!!!

155/30 and a stage 1 turbo has proven to be a great tow combo. You can actually floor it up hill on a good tune. With 190s you will have to be constantly watching your egts, pulling fuel from the tune, and with a big turbo that can actually clean up your 190s you will lug the motor and fall under the turbo and also have much more turbo lag. No reason to get a giant injector that will just have a ton of fuel pulled on it... Unless you are looking for a major dual purpose truck??? Or if you have a ton of money!

IMO 190/30s, compound turbos, head studded and complete bullet proof, ported intake, ported heads, aftermarket air intake, complete fuel system, regulated return, water/meth injection, a fresh hpop (needs to be in good condition), a built tranny etc.. etc.. This would be one mean towing machine

Or you could just do 155/30 and a stage 1 and have almost the same towing ability
Truck has arp studs a fuel return and fuel system are about to go on waiting to come in egr deleted banks intercooler and elbow intake pipe also air flow system and 6.4 banjos
I don't think that would be a bad move OP. I'm running 175/stock injectors right now and it is very quick. I installed a BTS stg 3 turbo and it cleans those injectors up to no smoke at all. I will be continuing to add supporting mods to see what potential these can make with live tunes. This way I can sort of have the best of both worlds. A high HP truck that can load a tow tune and pull full weight. Also, add a ported intake manifold to your to do list. This will help with turbo spool and will aid in lowering EGT's.

Odawg made 618 hp and 1000tq with 175/75s.
Not bad at all so if I was to run a 175/30 you think i would still be able to tow full weight and have the hp best of both? As long as I beefed up the turbo and ported the intake manifold?
For towing your kind of weight the Stage1 with 155/30's is a proven combination however the Powermax with a billet wheel and 175/30's would be a workable combo as well. Don't go bigger than you can use because pulling fuel from a big injector to keep egt's and smoke down will result in less torque than a smaller injector that you can run a longer pulse width on. Bigger isn't always better.
Would the 175/30 be as good as the 155/30 as long as the turbo matches up well enough?
Thats a great start... more than i have!

Are you making a dual purpose race/tow truck or a tow queen?
A tow queen pretty much haha I don't really need all that racing business just enough to have fun with on the down time.
^^ If thats the case then I would definitly stick with 155/30s or 175/30s. You will be able to tow to full capacity with a good tow tune and will be able to have some fun around town with a race tune. 190s won't work in this situation.
Haha well that's exactly what I needed to know the 175/30s are looking to be what it's gunna be now I just need a turbo that's compatible with it for the loads I pull ideas anyone?
say i go with a 155/30 with the stage 1 turbo for this tow monster i hear yall talking about will i still be able to have some fun when im not towing what will be the difference between these and a Powermax with a billet wheel and 175/30's?
I have 175/30's and a Hybrid... Having slight towing issues with heat! Drives great when empty though.

I dynoed 590 and 603 HP on Saturday but realistically I am probably at like 520 more likely!

I don't think you will be losing much with the 155 and stage 1 turbo compared to my setup.. you might be saving yourself from a fuel system, ported intake, and a TRANSMISSION if you go with 155's....

These 175's like to eat trannies LOL.
Oh haha well thats good to know maybe i ought to be more open minded about these 155's then!
I'm still interested in this 175/30 and a powermax with a billet wheel combo anyone know anything about this set up and how well it would work?:look:
This is what I would recommend. It should be a very fun combo for you and allow you to tow. Again it's all going to come down to tuning, but this should be fun for sure.
Do you see any problems i might run into with this combo though it sounds pretty promising just worried about my egt's getting to high?
EGTs should be fine with this setup on a tow tune. Of course, I'm currently testing the turbo in my sig that I built my self (not an MTW turbo :hehe:) and I think I will possibly be able to tow with my 190/100s with no problem. No details yet. Collecting data.
Wow that thing will be a monster if you can manage to work that out let me know how that goes I'd like to know!
OP, remember this, if you add more fuel and you don't add more air, you're gonna have a ton of heat. Having more air to help clean that fuel up will aid in keeping egt's at bay. FWIW, it may behoove you to consider a ported intake manifold. You can pick one of those up cheaper than a set of injectors with nozzles.
The ported intake is on my list I'm hoping to do all my remaining stuff at once so I don't have to run the injectors in a situation that would be harmful to them or my truck.
I just said that because the stock hpop will handle 205's plus when are two snails uncool?

Op do what you want, I just wanted to add the other end of the spectrum, its a more expensive avenue, but more rewarding.
I'm alittle confused now since I started out with a 190 thread and I was getten bashed all the way down to a 155 because how much I tow and now I'm hearing a 205 stick will that even work for me on how much I tow as frequent as I do and I might add when I tow it's not small distances I usually average a 200 to 300 mile trip everytime I hook up the trailer
But fwiw I have towed around 6.5k through the mountains with 205s and a stock charger on Vivian's tow gold file for stock fuel :D

Disclaimer: if you do this, you will most likely melt 2+ don't do it:)

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Yea I don't need to go 205 then cause my roads are rough windy and have bad slopes and my lightest load is maybe at the least 13000 and heaviest is about 26000

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I look at it like this, the biggest investments in building a 550 hp truck are the injectors, and transmission. The biggest investments in building a 700hp truck are the injectors and transmission. So, the only real difference is the cost of turbos. I don't know why everyone thinks building compounds is super expensive. Mine didn't cost me any more than a highly modifed VGT, like stage 3 or 4 for those who speak MTW. And, a person can easily build them for less than I did, most people do. So, I say either go with a small injector turbo upgrade, up to 175s at the very most, and probably not have to worry about your tranny. Or, if you're gonna make the jump to building the tranny, fuel system, etc., just skip the small stuff and build a true monster. JMO of course.
I'll probably get to all this once I get out of college but till then for four years I think I'm just gunna stay on the 175/30 with the powermax and billet wheel I won't have to worry about much of anything with this combo and tunes I have coming
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