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warren 190/75 or 190/30???

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So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or a 30 nozzle jess said that he runs a 190/30 on his tow rig and its clean and great but if i want to run a 75 on them as long as my tow tune can restrict the fuel well enough it wouldnt hurt it at all. What are my risk if i go 190/75 i tow anywhere from 16 to 32ft cattle trailers full of cows and or horses and also farm machinery pretty often. Also what are my hp differences between getting the 190/75 vs the 190/30 need help and suggestions and experiences?!?!?
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Isn't it the nozzle size that really dictates the driveability of the injector? If so why not go 190/30. A 175/30 and 190/30 can be made to run the same with a tow tune and when he's not towing he has more than the 175/30. I agree you would probably want a larger turbo though. I'm really interested in this thread cause I've always thought the 190/30 would be a good injector size for the fact that is has a smaller nozzle for towing but still large enough to have a lot of fun with. I'm interested in what the op decides to go with.

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I have his 190/30s installed and with ported and polished heads and a ported intake i have no trouble hitting 1600 unloaded i havent tried to haul anything but a$$
What turbo are you running with your setup?

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So OP did you ever make a decision?

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Good to hear more info is coming on the 190/30s. Just curious, you guys who tow do you have your tow tunes written with extra power in mind? I'm still saving for injectors but plan on a 30% nozzle for sure, but never tow more than 10k really and to me towing if rather have a close to stock power level tow tune that I can manage egts rather than a few more hp with higher egts . Just interested in what you guys think

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Well for me I will be running gearhead tunes starting off.The tow tune will probably just be trans only adjustments and whatever he can do to pull fuel so egts will stay down as my 5 th weighs about 14 k.I am getting other tunes for street play too.
I will be going with a WPE turbo (2.5),and will also see about tunes from a few others too.I definetly plan on more towing power,but only whatever is going to keep egts in a good range.hope this helps...
Sounds good. Keep us posted with results

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I love my one 190/30's I have about 15K miles on them, and let it be known I beat the hell out of my truck, everyday, for at least 100 miles per day. Around town, highway and hauling my excavator, around 10-11K lbs. For me my MTW stage 2 is not big enough. Towing, it has all you would ever need, rolling 70 on the hwy egt's are right at 1000* at 55 egt's right around 850* and you can leave a light with traffic and not break 1100* all this is flat land and over passes. The biggest hill around here is the dump. But performance wise, my egt's are through the roof. I do not have a ported intake yet but I don't think it would help enough to matter.

This was a run from 25mph to 65mph
Whose tuning? Those egts seems awfully high

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Ok today I was able to hook up my 5th.Currently I have Matts unlimited tow loaded,my 5th weighs 12800 dry.I have some pretty good hills here,but basically at 65 once I got leveled out my egts were around 800-850,now of course going up hill they went up,but not real bad maybe 950 depending upon the run before heading up the hill.Truck seems to have more power ,now again this is Matts unlimited( I do have the php atlas 40 ficm tune)which I think adds no power,just trans only adjustments.I will be taking a longer trip in 2 weeks,but the egts seem to be the same as the stock injectors or pretty close as I remember .I am hoping for lower egts once I get the new turbo,but so far, they seem to be in control.
That's seems pretty good, not ideally what I'd like to see, but for your setup and that weight I think your doing better than most

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