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warren 190/75 or 190/30???

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So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or a 30 nozzle jess said that he runs a 190/30 on his tow rig and its clean and great but if i want to run a 75 on them as long as my tow tune can restrict the fuel well enough it wouldnt hurt it at all. What are my risk if i go 190/75 i tow anywhere from 16 to 32ft cattle trailers full of cows and or horses and also farm machinery pretty often. Also what are my hp differences between getting the 190/75 vs the 190/30 need help and suggestions and experiences?!?!?
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Guys it sounds to me like the OP is towing well in excess of 10,000 lbs several times a week. I personally don't know why he would be considering 190's with any nozzle for a truck that does this. I know he wants a truck that plays too, but I think that's demanding a lot. It's doable, but not as easy as slapping on a powermax and having a tune emailed to you.

OP, if you HAVE to have 190's go with the smaller nozzle. If it was me I'd stay down around 155's, maybe stretch it to 175's with a small nozzle. IMHO no need for more than that with a small single VGT towing as much as you do. I would also recommend live tuning.
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