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warren 190/75 or 190/30???

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So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or a 30 nozzle jess said that he runs a 190/30 on his tow rig and its clean and great but if i want to run a 75 on them as long as my tow tune can restrict the fuel well enough it wouldnt hurt it at all. What are my risk if i go 190/75 i tow anywhere from 16 to 32ft cattle trailers full of cows and or horses and also farm machinery pretty often. Also what are my hp differences between getting the 190/75 vs the 190/30 need help and suggestions and experiences?!?!?
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I've been curious about 190s for a while so I'm glad the OP started this thread. Is it possible to keep the 190's cool enough to tow? I've always thought no?
^^ I've got TSD here pretty close for some Live tunes and my turbo is big enough to handle 190's so I guess I should be good.
I don't think that would be a bad move OP. I'm running 175/stock injectors right now and it is very quick. I installed a BTS stg 3 turbo and it cleans those injectors up to no smoke at all. I will be continuing to add supporting mods to see what potential these can make with live tunes. This way I can sort of have the best of both worlds. A high HP truck that can load a tow tune and pull full weight. Also, add a ported intake manifold to your to do list. This will help with turbo spool and will aid in lowering EGT's.

Odawg made 618 hp and 1000tq with 175/75s.
^^ If thats the case then I would definitly stick with 155/30s or 175/30s. You will be able to tow to full capacity with a good tow tune and will be able to have some fun around town with a race tune. 190s won't work in this situation.
^^^ The Barder stg. 2 seems to have proven itself well!
Bondajb which turbo are you running and injectors?
He is running 175/30's and a Barder stg. 2
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