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  1. U0300 and elevated idle!

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Have an early 03' build, did warren 175/100 sticks, full bulletproof a KC Stage 3 VGT 68mm new HPOP (one failed in a month), LPOP and front cover (gave up my arm for that one). Anyways, the ficm was replaced with an Innovative one spring of 2014. It ran fine since. Did all of the work cab off...
  2. warren 190/75 or 190/30???

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    So I'm stuck right now with my injectors me and jesse have been messaging back and forth talking about my options. Heres the deal I'm for sure putting in 190's on my truck from him no doubt but with the amount that I tow and as periodically as I do I don't know whether to go with a 75 nozzle or...