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'02 7.3. I had the oil pan replaced a few years ago, and I've had issues, when the temp is below 40f.
The HPOP is usually empty.. Once she starts, and temp comes up to normal range, she's good,for the day.
Starting is a royal pain. She cranks, and starts, but oil pressure gauge shows no pressure intermittently. When the pressur gauge is at zero, truck has no power, but the pressure comes back, as well as the power. After idling for 5 minutes or so, pressure is good, and she's a proud running 7.3.

I've heard that it may be the way the 'mechanic' did the oil pan gasket, and the HPOP pick up tube may not be actually in the oil, and not providing oil. Of course the mechanic and his boss say there is no way they cooks have made a mistake... Also, they did not fully remove the engine to change the pan.

My questions are:
How can I verify the HPOP pick up tube placement?
Do i have to pull the engine to check it's?
Could it be something else?

My concern is my physical ability to do the job.
Thanks in advance
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