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Okay folks. Bought a new to me 2016 XL SD. Everything on this truck is plug and play. Including trim panels. Just make sure you pull straight out. 90 degrees from the way they are mounted. Ford uses one wiring harness for all trim levels so if you want to upgrade, every bit of copper and plastic is already there. You just have to know where to look.

So... Stock AM/FM radio replaced with a Sony head unit that features both Apple and Android interfaces. Mitra has a plug and play harness for that. Stock front door speakers replaced. Mitra has adapters for that. Moved stock speakers to rear seat C-pillars. Why not upgrade the rears? Because I already had them and the stock Ford speakers have more thump than the Rockford Fosgate 6x8s I upgraded the fronts to, and any mid and high range I would have gotten would have been muffled by the rear seats. And, once I purchased the stock plastic body insert nuts from my local Ford dealer, they plugged right in, after I found the connector which was conveniently plugged into a dead end connector just above and inside the speaker hole. Easy peazy!


Sony XAV-AX100 purchased from Crutchfield. $450.00. Included new mount frame, wiring harness and antenna adapter. Screen saver of the best Navy SAR Det ever deployed uploaded for free by me.

Rockford-Fosgate 6x8 speakers and Mitra adapters. $65.00 from Amazon.

Stock Ford speakers installed in rear C-pillars. Free. Well almost. Had to buy insert nuts from local Ford dealer. You can get something that would work from Lowes but I'm OCD sooo....
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