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5" Straight Pipe Install​

Tools Needed: Reciprocating Saw, Big pair of Pliars, WD40 PB Blaster or some kind of lube, Flat head screwdriver, 1/4" drive 7/16" deep well socket, any size deep well 9/16" socket, eye protection

Also if you have a friend, it will help.

1. Check the kit you ordered and inventory everything and make sure there is no damage to any of your pieces. Once you are sure you have all your parts, you are ready to go.

2. Take your lube, I used PB Blaster, and spray all of your hangers. Be sure and get good coverage on the rubber and the metal that goes into the rubber. This will make getting your exhaust off the hangers much easier. Then take your big pliars and push the metal hanger out of the rubber. You will reuse the rubber in your hangers, so try to not tear them up.

3. Wear your eye protection here. Take you saw and make two cuts in your factory exhaust. You will want to make your first cut at the bend in the down pipe, and your second cut at the back end of your muffler. This step maybe needed to be modified depending on your application and truck configuration. Pull out the old exhaust.

4. Now, go up top and locate the top of the down pipe coming off the backside of the turbo housing. You will see a gold V-Clamp holding the two pieces together. Take your 7/16" deep well socket and back the nut off the clamp. Don't take it all the way off so you don't loose your nut. Once it is loose, take the "T end" of the bolt out of the clamp. Now your clamp should be loose. There are three sections in the v-band, be very careful not to mess this up because you will reuse the clamp. Take your flat head screwdriver and place it inbetween the clamp and the turbo housing. Gently work it back and forth until the clamp comes loose. You will have to free each section. Once the clamp is loose, the down pipe will just fall out. If it does not fall out, the two pieces may have partially welded them selves together. It make take a little persuasion. If this method is required, strike the bottom of the down pipe to break the down pipe loose. Do not hit the top by the turbo housing so you do not damage the turbo housing. This step will take the longest and will be the most aggravating, but stick with it and you will get through it.

This is a picture of the v-band clamp off the truck

5. Now its time to put in the new stuff. Have your buddy get under the truck and work the new down pipe up to the turbo so you can put your v-band clamp back in place. Once you get the flange lined up with the turbo housing, put the clamp around both sections and tighten it up. Make sure you have good clearance on either side and no play in your down pipe. Now you are ready to start laying pipe.

6. Now get your pipe layed out so you can start putting them in. You should have hangers and clamps. Start putting in the pipe and put a clamp at each connection and a clamp where your factory hangers are. On the shorter trucks, you may need to cut down one section of extension pipe. As, most of these kits are made for the CC long box trucks. Some modification maybe required.

7. Once you have all your pipe, clamps, and hangers sitting about where they should be, make final adjustments. Start at the front of your truck and start tightening your clamps and hangers. Work your way to the back. Make sure everything still has the clearence it needs and nothing in the rear end is going to rub. Once you get to the back piece, make sure the tailpipe is level and sitting where it should before you tighten it up.

8. Now fire it up and take it out and terrorize the neighbor hood. A few days after the install, it is good to recheck all your fittings and make sure nothing has moved.

Let me know if I left anything out or need to change anything.

Total time was about an hour and a half, I had alot of interruptions, so it took longer. Thev-band on mine was on the backside, so I had a time getting to it, but the fit with that big ol pipe was very good. And I had it up on a lift, so it was a little easier. I was going solo until I started putting pipe back in. Not too bad though.

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