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I drive a 2006 F250 6.0L w/ Edge Juice Platinum w/ Attitude Monitor. This weekend the wrench light came on my dash, so I checked the trouble codes...found these:

P0480 - Fan/Control Circuit
P2122 - Throttle/Pedel Position Sensor Switch D Circuit Low Input
P2138 - Throttle/Pedel Position Sensor Switch D/E Voltage Correlation
P2139 - Throttle/Pedel Position Sensor Switch D/F Voltage Correlation

I cleared the codes with the hopes that it would just go away...I was wrong. The light continues to come back on after a couple miles of driving. I took it to the Ford Dealership, and they want to charge $220 just to look at it.

I don't feel anything wrong with my throttle response, but don't want to keep pushing it and make what could be a minor problem a major one.

Has anyone else had this problem??? What could be the issue??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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