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I have bought a 2005, high mileage lease release truck in 2007.
I had a great deal on the purchase, but found out they are real problems for their owners.

Just in my home town I hear of a lot of repairs going on that make me feel we need to get together and improve these trucks.

Mine has been a great performer, and it was not easy.
I had to do a lot of reading and so far I am very satisfied with my progress.
I wish I could say the same about Ford, They realy made a mess of this truck model and I feel every owner needs to be aware of the things that can improve the reliability of our trucks.

Coolant is the big story and I did get burned by not knowing the problem, but I did findout fast and it has been a great experience.
The FICM has been an important issue, and Ford again has done hardly nothing to fix the problem.

Its a great truck, we just need to take the right steps to make then great.
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