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This winter I'm trying to solve some long standing problems with winter driveability my F250 exhibits. Traction on light snow and ice (particularly through the Eisenhower tunnel on I70) is terrible. The truck's rear wheels will spin on virtually anything (even in 4WD) and braking is usually a controlled slide (with ABS pumping away) on lightly snowy or icy roads.

I know some dynamics of my truck make things worse: heavy diesel engine up front, brush guard up front, a few hundred but not a few thousand pounds of sand in back.

Right now I'm running an older set of BFG AT KOs. I'm pretty sure they did better when they were new because now they behave an awful lot like the stock Continentals they replaced.

My question isn't what winter tires are out there (there are a lot of posts here with great recommendations), but rather which of these will fit my 10x20 rims. So far, every winter tire I've found mentioned here (except the BFGs), from the X11s to the Hakkapeliittas, only run in a rim width range up to 9.5.

Am I correct in assuming it would be unwise to mount a tire on a rim 0.5 wider than the rim width range?

I've purchased a set of chains out of frustration so at least I'll be able to get out of the ditch once I glide into it, but if anyone has any suggestions for how to improve things beyond that I'd be grateful.

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