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Window Decals

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Hey guys, we need to start working on our chapter decals for our trucks. Does anybody know of someone that does decals or knows of a company?
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Man, you guys are on the ball, I got some extra funds just sitting in my paypal account and this looks like a good place to use them. I will just suck it up and put them on my back window as long as they are not too big and block my view, I do a lot of backing.
I could put a couple on the back glass in the corners. I haven't put any decals on the trucks in years.
we just need to figure out what size they are going to be ya'll give me input and i will have him give a price
we just need to figure out what size they are going to be ya'll give me input and i will have him give a price
I feel like the TPS sticker lost detail as big as it is, so I would rather have it keep the detail before cresting the 12-14" mark.

I agree with Goose
i need a measurement like 8in tall and maybe 5in wide tell me what ya think
The pic Goose posted of ours measures about 3” wide and 4-1/2” tall on my screen so I would say somewhere around that size would work for me.
May wanna check out blue torch fab in downtown b-ham. Wish I could do it myself because I would love to check out their shop! But I saw where they can print decals but not sure how much compared to others.Blue Torch FabWorks, Inc. 205-521-7333
Just tossing in a suggestion here since most of our windows are tinted. Do the state outline in red and the lettering in red with the fade done in blue to white as opposed to the black. Also have the state outline die cut to increase the logo size without increasing the sticker size.

I also think the 3" x 4-1/2" size would be adequate without being overbearing. I like ours but I don't think anyone can read it when my truck is moving so making it bigger would be pointless.

When you guys get it worked out, I want one.
I like the suggestion about having it die cut to match the outline. Maybe a sticker shop could email us some different takes on it.

It really don’t matter to me I just don’t want anything too big and gaudy on my truck, I already drive a purple truck with flames on the hood I don’t need anything else that makes folks question my ethnicity.
So far the best price I have gotten is $5 for a 5” decal with no limit on how small the order is.
Thats not bad. I dont think :dunno:
That sounds fair to me...
Here is a copy/paste of the email I got today from the sticker guy, what do yall think?

We print them on high quality outdoor sign vinyl and they last between 2 - 3 years depending on the weather conditions.

We can do from 1 to 1,000 and there are never any minimums and we can set it up to run an auction for 30 days with an unlimited supply and each person can buy as many as they want.

I would be happy to make up a couple of samples, I just didn't want to modify the logo too much if that is not what you were looking for.

I think I saw this was a Ford Powerstroke club? If so I can work a ford truck in maybe.

As far as cutting around so just the state logo is there, not a problem at all, although to make it look a bit more uniform I may have to adjust the text a bit.

I will work on a couple of samples and send them along.

Thanks for your patience and let em know if you want anything else in there.
I like the idea of making the outline the state. I think that will look cleaner. I meant to mention that earlier but it slipped my mind. I dont really like the idea of the truck though as I would think the decal would have to be bigger for it to look right. I say we get some samples and see how it looks.
Just let me know the paypal address when your ready to order so I can get a couple or 4.
I emailed them back and asked if they could send us a couple pics of the different options. If yall decide to go with this then I volunteer to be the guinea pig and order the first one and verify the quality before everyone spends their money.
I will be a guinea pig with you as well.
I just wanted to apologize to ya'll i have been out of the lope the past few days due to family issues i was gonna check with the guy that does the decals on our super truck but i dropped the ball so frog make me the third
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