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Will a bedliner from a super duty fit our OBS?

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I am pretty sure the answer is yes, but just making sure. It's a complete bedliner, rail caps, and tailgate piece. Will it fit?
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Don't know if it would fit but personally I would never put one in my truck. When I bought mine it had one and when I pulled it out there was so much crap under it it wrecked the bed from the inside. Just my 2 cents
Ya but I use my bed a lot and I think a bedliner will be of great help. I'll bolt it down so it doesnt move around and all that crap, and it's got the side pieces that come up under the bed rails. This guys selling it cheap thats why I'm curious.
Plastic bedliners are terrible for hauling smaller stuff, everything slides around. At best get it Rhinolined ((absolutely great liner), or at the least just get the roll on ****. Stickier the better.
What about a '93 f150 8ft bed liner? will that fit?

I think I wanna stick with a liner.. tired of denting up the bed.

believe me, if I had a mint truck, I'd def blast the bedliner in.
NO....the bed raiils are thicker on the front of the bed and tapper back to a smaller dimension. also the beds are wider i belive.

any 86?-97 bed liner will work
^Thanks for the input guys. You are right, I found out that '87ish f150/250/350 beds are the same.
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