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My 2wd 91 f150 has been a trusty old truck. Its an extended cab, 5.0L v8, rebuilt trans, engine runs 80% strong, of course 205k and lots of towing its taken its toll.

I have a 7'6" boss snow plow for the truck that is basically too small for our other Ford trucks, and i have enough of these but the super duty heavier models for our newer F150s to use already.

I'd like to mount this up to the truck for backup snow plowing in the winter time, i know its only 2wd, but with good weight in the back bed, and i'd only be pushing a few inches at any given time to help another truck out, id be fine.

It has front coil springs, rear leafs. The front sits lower stock than just about any other stock truck in the world lol. The Boss snow plow mount, that id bolt to the frame has to sit at minimum 14" off the ground, right now it would sit literally 7" or somewhere around there which is way too low.

I need someone that knows if i can swap out to a 91 f250 4wd front springs/shocks and upgrade a rear leaf setup so the back sits taller to, mainly to even it out, and not really to carry a ton more weight. I've had well over 2k in the back of the truck before, it carrys plenty for what we'd use it for.

I've searched aftermarket skyjacker parts "expensive" but im sure they'd sell something that would fit the purpose. I need it to lift the front up a good 7-9" over its stock height "which still isnt taller than a newer f150" lol

Here is a pic for reference. Should i search local junk yards for these parts and is my idea that a 91ish f250 or 350 springs/shocks would fit?

That tractor/trailer probably had 800-900lbs of tongue weight on the back of the truck "with the 250lb bed cap"... and you can see how little front fender clearance there is.

I hardly drive this truck anymore since we have other ones we use for work. I dont care if it rides stiffer, harder, needs other upgrades etc.

Are 2wd and 4wd front suspension parts interchangeable in the same model year?
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