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I am starting this to see who for sure is coming if you are coming to the gtg.Please post if you are if your not coming DON"T post that way we can get a head count also post if you are in a tent or camper
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Me and the girlfriend will be in a tent. Will bring our dog if he is allowed at the fair.
I intend to come up Saturday and bring a buddy if still hasn't planned anything. Do you have a link for directions or an address for Mapquest?
not yet but i will post the address for it so you can map quest it
Tims Ford State Park

570 Tims Ford Drive
Winchester , TN 37398
Office: 931-962-1183
same address for tims ford as is for fairview campground
as of right now me and bamafrog and our ol ladies will b there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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