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OK... so I had a family member do me a favor that is going to screw my whole world up. I stopped the job at re-installing the transfer case because Advance Auto had given me the wrong trans output shaft seal, but said family member decided to jam it in there anyway and put my truck back together. Now I gotta re-drop the prop shafts, take the skid plate off, and drop the transfer case again.

I know that there's an S5-42 and S5-47 version of the ZF manual that came in our trucks. From what I can gather, the 47 came in the 96 and 97 trucks. Could someone please tell me what the differences are and which went into what year trucks?

The seal that I was given from Advance was, I gather, a seal for a shaft that has an external yoke sticking out of the back. It has a rubber flange on one face side. I just did some searching, and it looks like the Fed-Mogul/National part number for the shaft w/ exterior shaft housing ZF transmission is a 1217. The guy at the counter called a store two hours away and asked him to grab it and see if it had a flange-- it does not, so this sounds like the right one.

My family member decided that I was full of crapola when I stopped reassembling my truck so I could wait for the right seal, and he decided that the flanged seal must have been an updated design to prevent one from pushing the seal into the back of the trans too far (which the factory one did when we tried pulling it out... pain). He said when he put the wrong one in, that the lip rested on the tapered portion of the shaft "perfectly." I'm going to assume that this won't seal for ****, and I'm better off just dropping the damn thing again to put the right one in.
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