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How's the ride on that setup your running? What would be the cost on something like that? what shocks are you running?

Also, would I just need the hangers and springs since i have a 8" lift already? same for rear, just springs?
My truck rides pretty well. I run Icon reservoir shocks front and rear.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 1999-2004 FSD 4.5" Front Spring Hanger Kit - Front Suspension Location - Truck Toyz Store
Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2000-2004 FSD 4" Front Plush Ride Spring Kit - Front Suspension Springs - Truck Toyz Store

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 1999-2007 FSD Plush Ride 8" Rear Leaf Springs - Rear Suspension Springs - Truck Toyz Store

You should be able to reuse your current box kit.
I'd go with Bilsteins or Icon shocks for the best ride.

Or step up to a 2.5" diameter shock for the best control.

on that coilover system how much are we lookin at for some GOOD shocks?
For a 2.5" diameter remote reservoir coilover you would be looking at $1400-1600 for the pair.

Rear shocks could be $140-800+ depending on what you go with.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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