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From what I've heard, people don't tune them to run as a split they run them as a single, it's just the higher cc they want. Btw it's 140 not 135. Go with correct supporting mods before you just tune down, if you have to tune down that obviously means you don't need then injector size you got.
where have you heard that a split will run as a single. not saying it;s not true i've just never heard it. and they are more oil hungry. to me it's not worth it.

OP you can ask jimmy (JD3020) he run ADs for a while

i have my 2's detuned. are you saying i bought too much injector? i am running them this way because i have a sock turbo, but plan on putting in a D66 shortly, it's sitting in the shop. i also didn't want to buy injectors twice in one year.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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