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AD injectors?
Split-shot injectors, from 1999+ Superdooty's. 135cc's of fuel and a stock nozzle.
Wouldn't necessarily recommend them for the OP. Split-shots are more oil hungry than single shots. Also need to take into account the cost of custom tunes to run splits.
Best route IMO would be to get stage II's (160/30, 160/80, 160/100, etc) and run them tuned down until you have the supporting mods to make them reliable, or better yet have your supporting mods in line before purchasing new sticks.
Fuel delivery, intercooler, and high pressure oil are a must for stage II's. Turbo highly recommended. May also want to consider valve springs and head studs if you plan on maxing them out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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