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Where is everyone mounting their Edge Insight CTS monitors?

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Think I'm gonna go ahead and order the Insight CTS for my truck. I'll probably do the A-pillar mount, but curious to see where everyone else is mounting theirs.
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Is it visible from the outside of the truck?
Got mine mounted in the driver "glove box" by my right knee. You cant see it from outside the truck so nobody thinks it a gps to steal...
Yeah I thought about that too. Just wondered how hard it would be to read down there. Really would like to see someone that has it mounted on the A-pillar.
Im assuming you could buy the autometer 13001 or edge 18401 pillar pod:

and then use the CTS adapter:

Edge Products| Product

I ordered those parts yesterday so we'll see. lol
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ok I ordered the two pieces above. Got them in today. Here are the instructions for the adapter:

Basically the adapter attaches to the back of the CTS and the the adapter snaps into the regular insight pod.

Here is the pod in the truck:

Here is the adapter snapped in the pod:

Now I guess I just need to get a CTS to see if it works lol.
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How do you mount the a pillar pod? I have one and couldnt get it in there. I almost broke it. Do you have to remove the trim and grab handle on the a pillar. Thanks.

Yeah you definitely have to remove the grab handle to get it in there. No way around it.
I tried the CS with the A-Pillar mount and it didn't work well at all, I am thinking you will be disappointed with the CTS in that setup. It is much bigger.

I am using the dash mount with my CTS now and think it's great.

I dont care for the dash mount. Thats why I wanted to try this. I may not like it either lol. We'll see.
anybody with cool mounting options? i just got my cts and really dont want to mount it on the window
Did you read through this thread? lol
Post #9 shows my pillar mount. Here is a link to the entire install:

There are also threads of mine adding the EGT and fuel pressure. Let me know if you need any info on those.

Finished install:

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