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Where is everyone mounting their Edge Insight CTS monitors?

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Think I'm gonna go ahead and order the Insight CTS for my truck. I'll probably do the A-pillar mount, but curious to see where everyone else is mounting theirs.
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Mine is in the drivers glove box. Easy to read when open and hidden when closed. When I take long trips, I just uncoil wire and mount on windshield. When done, back in glove box it goes. Can post pics if needed. Let me know.
Outsmarted myself on the first try.....Here are some better pics....Don't have it hard mounted in box. I have the wire zip tied and the unit is sitting on it. Very stable. Does not move around at all. Does not slide back and forth. The cord hold it in place nicely. Very easy to move to dash if needed.

Some piece of $#%^ broke in and stole my GPS a few months ago. I had the CTS right next to it on the window mount, but they didn't take it. After that, it went into the box!!


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Sometimes I hate technology!! Let me know if these are ok!!

There we go.....sorry guys! Dumb *** award winner this morning...

Hope these help.
My wife tells me the same thing!:hehe:
Anyone have any pictures of a custom mounting bracket in the drivers glove box?
1 - 7 of 165 Posts
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