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Where did the moderators go?

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Just wanted to ask? I've been on this forum for a long time now, and always check in to keep track of what the latest and greatest fixes are for the 6.0 woes, but lately the only replies to any given post are trying to push a certain brand injector, turbo, manifold ect.. The mods used to regulate this to some degree, where have that gone? PVT, you still on here? The site is going downhill fast IMO, I'm sure seeing a lot less advice and more sales pitches, I'm I alone in this observation? Maybe all the quirks have beened ironed out in the 6.0 and now it's just fixes and companies left, and that's ok. Just a question and observation from a long time member...
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We are around.

If it's a ORG soponsor they have the right to push their products.

Like mentioned before there are a few post that are on going with "breaking" things.

If you want to start a thread going in depths about anything have at it. If it's something new you bring up or a different idea you will get the results you are looking for.
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