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I have searched alot for backspacing and offset of stock wheels and aftermarkets and i noticed theres alot of people with the same ? so lets see if we can get a answer for me and everyone else looking for aftermarket wheels.

I took the stock alcoa wheel off my truck and stamped on the back side is 16x8 t64 zero. so im guessing that the zero is the offset. I measured the backspacing and it is 4.5in. so if i am right then a wheel with -12mm offset wheels would set the wheel out for a wider look over stock by about 1/2 in if it has the same backspacing and a aftermarket wheel with say 4in backspacing and zero offset would have the same effect as the -12 offset wheel with a 4.5 backspacing?

speak up if i am wrong,

im just trying to figure out what offset and backspacing i need get. i have a d60 upfront now and RSK kit with v codes so i am about 4in of lift im going to run 35in tires.
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