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Wheel Bearing Hub Replacement - 2012 Ford F-250

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Hey guys,

Took my 2012 F-250 into the shop to check out the hum the truck is making at freeway speeds, and was told I needed new wheel hub assemblies on both front wheels. Took it to another shop to confirm, and they said they same thing. I was quoted $1900 by the first shop, and $2600 by the second. Both of those seem pretty high to I am considering doing the work myself. I've watched several videos, and it seems like a straight forward job, other than getting the old hub assembly out.

Any tips or tricks for making it easier? Any particular brand of hub assembly I should buy?
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I would stick with Ford but I am not sure why you should need new hubs maybe just bearings.
Apparently you can't replace only the front bearings on these. It is a one piece assembly, so the whole hub has to be replaced.
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