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Ok heres the details:

1999.5 powerstroke auto. 275K on the ODO. All stock except for riftraft intake.

No oil consuption noticed, dip stick reads full, no coolant loss, truck runs good for the most part. Good gitup and go, etc. No check engine light, turbo seems fine and has plenty of power to pull up to speed, cruises on the freeway easy 65+.


1. Sometimes on startup it will start fine, but lopes(rpm up and down) till I tap the throttle...that smooths it out right away.

2. Smokes at idle, goes away at speed, but soon as it idles at a stop light within seconds I see white smoke and a decent amount.

3. Ran out of gas about 2 weeks ago, I was exiting freeway, low fuel light came on the dash and immediately it shut off! I was told my pickup is most likely bad? It only took 1 gallon to start it up a limp it to the gas station....idle was rough till I filled it up.... No idle issues now??

What do you guys think?? What could it be??? truck is great except for the white smoke...I hate driving it now since it smokes so much a idle. Its fine on the freeway, but any idling time, stop lights and I am smoking people out>

Thank guys for any input??
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