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What's the best tuner for me

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Have a 2003 6.0 6speed manual 10" lift 38.5 boggers getting ready to order 5" exhaust egr delete oil cooler and tuner what is goin to be the best for what I have just wondering what everyone suggest thanx
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Can't go wrong with a SCT

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SCT with custom tunes written by either Vivian @ Quicktricks, Eric @ Innovative, Matt @ Gearhead, or Tony Wildman.:rockwoot:
What about edge juice with attitude
I was always told no edge juice because they do not tune the trans, but you have a manual so there goes that LOL. I have a SCT with tunes from Vivian and I love it. I had the edge and there is a giant difference between the 2.
Edge (like many other plain tuners) just has Generic tunes. If doing anything later on it will not be able to accomodate your needs...
Like for example,
For the last year I had Standard custom tunes for my SCT...

I upgraded my injectors and studded my truck last weekend. emailed Vivian and she sent me a revised tune to REFLECT my studded truck and larger injectors making more power/ better economy... A generic tuner (like edge, banks, ect) would NOT be able to do that!
Do it once, do it right, get more and safer power by getting a SCT tuner. It will be better on your HG also:nod:
Or if a year down the road your turbo takes a crap... you get a powermax or a MTM turbo better then the stock OEM turbo. You will need some different tunes written for a different turbo.
A generic tuner CANNOT do that!

Just my 2cents:thumb:
Ok thanx so which sct model is best
SCT X3 or SF3 (basically the same) are the best bang for the buck.

Or your can get the livewire.. I hear the new model is pretty sweet!

But first of all, do you know your deltas?
Do you have an EGT gauge?
Have you deleted the EGR cooler?
Do you know your FICM voltage?
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