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Hi, new guy here. Quick question, if you don't mind. I'm thinking of selling my '00 7.3 4 door dually due to downsizing. It has 205 000 miles, pretty good condition camper shell and bed rug in the back. Any ideas what its worth? Every diesel guy i know says that motor alone makes it worth a good amount.
I'm in central FL right now, but moving to NC.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Mark the fireman.
Without more info, pictures, history, inspection, etc., it would be tough to establish a value. The easiest way to establish an approximate value is to go to a few of your favorite used auto sites and look for comparable trucks and note the pricing. Maybe pick-out 8 or 10 that are located in your approximate area, do the division math and arrive at an average unit price. Just remember this number respresents the approximate asking sale price for the truck, not it's actual value.

It's a hot market for used cars in general and trucks in particular.
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