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Some 6.0L weak points (things to check):

look for signs of coolant degas bottle overfly (dry white residue or no level in degas bottle).

Ball joints go out at 40k-70k miles.

Lots of idling can cause EGR problems. I look at the hours on the engine (if it has this monitored) and divide the miles by the hours (is it below 30? If so, may have had lots of idling). EGR valves seem to plug quickly - maybe negotiate a new EGR valve.

Try to find out about the routine maintenance:
Filter change intervals on time? What kind of oil (CI4+ or CJ4 - one of these is required)?
OEM filters? Look at them and see what kind they are. Aftermarket filters can cause MAJOR problems.

Any exhaust problems visible (ie lots of white or blue smoke)? White smoke may mean and EGR cooler leak.

Fluid leaks (SPECIFICALLY OIL LEAKS - 6.0L are prone to many of these from many possible places!!)

CEL light on? Consider getting a code reader and check for DTC's

If you can pull the EGR valve, I would do so and check for wetness or excess soot. Wetness indicates an EGR cooler leak.

The Electronic Shift on the Fly ESOF sometimes fails due to vacuum leaks. Be sure to check this out (several times in and out of 4WD).

Check for excessive wheel bearing wear (looseness).

Check the coolant - it should have the Motorcraft Gold Coolant - anything else and there may be problems.

Find proof of Transmission being flushed - it is required every 30,00 miles.

Any evidence of a tuner (aftermarket air filter, gauges,etc). tuners may or may not be bad. Some tuners are MURDER on the transmission. Some dealerships will cause you a lot of problems w/ them - even if you bought it that way used.

Try to find out if the original owner ever ran it empty on fuel or have plugged filters?

Then the common stuff I'm sure you know:
Look at and smell the fluids
Drive it - surges? Stutters? Rattles or clunks? Good acceleration? sluggishness?
Check the tires - should have over half the life left at this mileage - abnormal wear?
All electronics working? Especially the AC?
Dents? Air bag been replaced, etc.
See if he has any repair or maintenance records.

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So far it sounds like a good truck. I love my 06! I forgot to mention that you should have them update the software strategies (tranny control module, power train control module, fuel injection control module). I just recently had this done and it is great! I have rather sluggish performance when cold (after first starting up), but this disappears quickly. The software will help w/ EGR control, injector performance and other things.

The oil seepage is something you will have to decide for yourself. Some people just go nuts w/ any kind of leakage. Since you have over 30k on the engine, the bed plate will not seal itself. If it were me, I would have them fix it, but you can certainly use it as a negotiation point.

Without a doubt I would have the pinion seal leak fixed.

If you could negotiate an extended warranty, this might be very nice to have.

You may also want to consider getting a CARFAX report, but it sounds like you may not need it (if you know the vehicles history).

What nsrchofpwr negotiated for was pretty nice! Try all you can!
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