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Want to get a chip? Read here first!

Most people want more power from their 7.3 in an effort to keep up with the newer Commonrails and the 6.0's. Fortunately for us, there is a HUGE array of power parts available to us. I'm just going to cover a few basics and will add to this thread more and more with better information and links.

First you need GAUGES!!!!
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature, is the MOST important gauge that I'm going to cover. It measures the heat that your engine is producing. When you add more fuel to the mixture to add power, you increase heat. Heat will KILL your motor! Generally the highest sustained EGT should be no higher then 1250* degree's. Some spurts into the 1300*-1400* aren't really going to hurt your truck but then again do you really want to take the risk?

Trans Temp - If you have a Manual, then no need for this one. The automatic transmission is designed to only handle so much heat. Generally anything under 200* is good and anything over 230* is time to pull over.

Boost - This is more of a trouble shooting gauge and is fun to watch in my opinion. It can also be a turbo lifesaver if you run a few more mods down the road after the chip!

SECOND you need an INTAKE!
Unlike the 6.0's stock intake system, the 7.3's is restrictive at best. There are MANY options out there let me just explain 3 that I am actually familiar with!
The DIY Intake - Cheapest at under $40.00, increased flow over stock, increased filtration over stock.
Ford AIS System - At $200.00 it's not that bad for the BEST filtration known to the 7.3 world. It also is a slight step up in flow over the DIY intake.
AFE - Kinda pricey, but has the BEST flow and increased filtration over stock.
For DUSTY conditions I would certainly get the AIS like if you work on a ranch in Texas. For HIGH performance dragsters the AFE is the way to go and for the regular chipped trucks the most bang for your buck is the DIY intake.

Next you need EXHAUST!!!
You can either go with a full turbo back system OR straight pipe the stock exhaust. Straight piping will give you roughly 70% of the benefit of running a 4" TurboBack exhaust. A 3.5" or a 4" downpipe and 4" exhaust is all you'll ever need. 5" is generally for sound and looks.

Next you need the CHIP!
There are lots out there speak with the Vendors on this site about which one will suit you and your needs!
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