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What to do with old engine?

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Posted on the 7.3 general forum a while back about my truck (01 F350 7.3) and on the dixie stokers general chat thread also.

Anyway, long story short I have a dusted engine had compression run at 2 different shops cylinder number 8 has 200psi....

I have known about this for about 3 months but just now saved up enough to do anything about it. Weighed my options for the last 3 months (by a reman, rebuild this one, buy a used one) and opted to buy a used engine from LKQ. It is on its way to me now, has 120K miles on it complete engine.

So, the core charge is 350.00, I am thinking it is worth it to pay the core charge and do something with my old engine myself. Only problem is I really don't have a good way to handle it once I was to get it home. I am looking for opinions on what I should do with the old engine, it has 210K miles and as I said before is dusted. Not sure if it is worth much to part out, thought about scrapping it. or selling as a rebuilder. What do you guys think?
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Basically everything on it, minus turbo possibly and cylinder #8 and maybe more, are good? I'd sell it as a project engine to someone.
No I'm saying the turbo might be dusted a little if #8 is. But #8 may be due to an injector malfunction.
You could use the injectors as cores or sell them for quite a bit. I'd call Rosewood diesel and see how much they'd give you.
The turbo could be sold for a couple hundred or more, depending on condition.
Then all other parts. You could get more than that $350 core for it. I'm surprised it's that cheap. Or you could always keep it, build it up fairly nicely, then swap it back in or use as a backup. Not sure how well that companies motors are.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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