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What to do next?

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Just made my account and was hoping to get some helpful feedback. I already have AFE intake, FarmBoys 5 inch turbo back, Edge Insight CTS and SCT.
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Gauges. Like edge insight c/s, or c.t.s... imperitave that you monitor your vitals. Engine oil, and cooant temps. Egt, trans or fuel pressure

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CTS i actually just recieved but don't yet have what i need to hook up EGTs
Is your ECT/EOT delta within spec? How's your FICMv when cranking motor of KOER? How's your fuel psi?

We need to know if your motor is healthy first, then we need to know what your goals are (more HP/TQ, truck appearance, reliability, free/cheap mods, ect,ect).
ECT seems to be fine. The rest im honestly not sure about. I am new to diesel and wouldn't be sure what to look for in those other areas if you could give me a idea that would be great!
Get yourself a monitor solution, you need to know the health of your motor. Knowing what's going on with the motor will dictate where you should be spending you money.

Read these links, study them.

This next link will help you locate and understand where parts are on the 6.0. Start with the 2003 book and work your way up to the 2005.

This last link will give other 6.0 info.

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I checked the FICMv and it seemed to be at 48v to 48.5v. However i still need to hook up an EGT gauge and Fuel pressure gauge. I know i can hook p EGts to the CTS but I wasnt sure About the fuel pressure
Also those links have been very helpful and are giving me a better understanding of the 6.0 Thank You
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