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What should I tune on my 7.3?

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Hey Guys!

I just picked up a '99 F-250, with only 170 miles on a 7.3L diesel, regular cab, eight foot box.

I've done a K&N cold air intake on it already. What else can I do to get more horsepower and torque?

-Magnaflow exhaust?
-Ramping, stacking the CPU?
-I wanna keep the stock injectors.

I want the truck to operate more effortlessly, smooth, and free flowing.
I still wanna keep good fuel mileage.
By the way, I haul a thousand pound welder in the box all the time.

Welder Dude.
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If you want that truck to last, stop modding it and start reading up on it before you continue.

K&N will kill the truck and you can't stack chips. Start with the basics, a intake that actually filters out dirt, exhaust, gauges and a chip from DP, TW, PHP, etc.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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