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What should I tune on my 7.3?

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Hey Guys!

I just picked up a '99 F-250, with only 170 miles on a 7.3L diesel, regular cab, eight foot box.

I've done a K&N cold air intake on it already. What else can I do to get more horsepower and torque?

-Magnaflow exhaust?
-Ramping, stacking the CPU?
-I wanna keep the stock injectors.

I want the truck to operate more effortlessly, smooth, and free flowing.
I still wanna keep good fuel mileage.
By the way, I haul a thousand pound welder in the box all the time.

Welder Dude.
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The K&N has a bad reputation with the 7.3L engine. The main reason for this is because that is the filter most people have in the stock air box. Where the main problem lies is the design of the stock air box. One of the clips is known to break which lets unfiltered air through. This is what actually causes the engine to get dusted. I have not heard of the K&N CAI(Cold Air Intake) dusting engines but I personally think they are too over priced.

The air filter setup that most people opt to go with is called the "6637" intake. It is basically a piece of 4" pipe connected to the stock rubber intake tube, attached to an air filter with the part number of 6637. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to make, filters better than the stock setup, and achieves better airflow.

There are other aftermarket options such as AFE, Airaid, and S&B too. These all work better than the stock setup too, but will cost you more than the 6637.

As for exhaust, anything bigger than stock will work good. There are a few manufacturers that sell complete systems that you can choose from. They all work quite well.

When it comes to tuning... First of all, you cannot "stack" chips on a 7.3, and even if you could there is no need to. You can achieve all of your tuning needs with one chip. Custom tuning is the only way to go with any diesel. Custom tunes will get you more power, better shifting, and sometimes even better fuel mileage. The fuel mileage gains usually depend on your driving habits though.

You also need a way to monitor the vitals of your engine. Exhaust temperature and transmission temperature are the two most important to most people. Boost is usually the third option, but it is no where near as important and exhaust and transmission temperature. You can also monitor a ton of other things going on with the engine if you really want to.

These are just the basics... Remember though, when you start adding power you need to prepare the rest of your truck too. A good transmission is a must when it comes to longevity. With just exhaust, intake, and a custom chip you probably wont have to worry about your transmission for a while if you drive like a sane person.

If you need anymore help or info feel free to contact me or post up in the forums. People are always here to help.
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