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What should I tune on my 7.3?

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Hey Guys!

I just picked up a '99 F-250, with only 170 miles on a 7.3L diesel, regular cab, eight foot box.

I've done a K&N cold air intake on it already. What else can I do to get more horsepower and torque?

-Magnaflow exhaust?
-Ramping, stacking the CPU?
-I wanna keep the stock injectors.

I want the truck to operate more effortlessly, smooth, and free flowing.
I still wanna keep good fuel mileage.
By the way, I haul a thousand pound welder in the box all the time.

Welder Dude.
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Put a diy intake on it instead, make the exhaust free flowing, get gauges, a valve body, and custom tune it. You can't stack anything

I made my Samsung SGH-I997 send this.

If you want that truck to last, stop modding it and start reading up on it before you continue.

K&N will kill the truck and you can't stack chips. Start with the basics, a intake that actually filters out dirt, exhaust, gauges and a chip from DP, TW, PHP, etc.

Read read read! So much information on this site it's crazy. K&N is garbage! you know mangaflow from gas engines? If you are doing a straight pipe, there are a lot of options, many cheaper then mangaflow.
Why will a K&N cold air intake ruin my truck?
What does a DIY intake do that's better?

For guages, Banks for turbo boost, trans, what else?

What brand of high pressure oil and fuel crossover lines do you guys recommend?

A four or five inch exhaust? What brand?

You guys know so much, thanks for all the help, much appreciated!
Pyrometers are very useful, and help prevent you from working you truck too hard.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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