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What oil do you use?

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I run Royal Purple 15W40 and a K&N filter. Is that the best setup? I am sure that I could spend hours researching the question and find 500 different answers so instead I decided to start a new thread!
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Pretty sure everyone here will tell you to use the stock oil filter (Motorcraft or Raycor brands)...and for good reason.
I run Rotella T6 oil year round...
Run an OEM filter.

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^what he said, I got the Mobil 1 5w40 at that smokin price auto zone had or I would have t6 in my truck. End thread!!!!
Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40 in everything! The stock 6.0 filtration is crap, no matter what filter you use. Step up to BPD and add the bypass filter. Go 10,000 miles of hard pulling in my F450 without a worry before a change. Have oil analysis to stand behind it. If you are running a synthetic and it is not Schaeffer's then you are just paying too much.
Rotella T6 and motorcraft filter :thumb:
I run Rotella T6 & Motorcraft filter year round as well as 2 Bottles of Rev-X.
Rotella t6,carquest spin on oil filters, Bullet proofs bypass oil filter with amsoil filter upgrade.
DELO 400 LE for now till I swap back to Mobil 1. OEM filters are the best, even better filtration with a bypass filter kit. IF one oil was the absolute best we all would be answering with the same oil. Your motor will tell you what to run. I've run just about all of them on my 2006. My favorites list has about 5 oils I can find easily and all cost about the same. 272k on the original injectors speaks for my experience choosing oils that work.
Motorcraft 15w40
Motorcraft filter
I use (or will be soon) Chevron Delo 400 5W-40 Synthetic in ALL my vehicles; cars, truck, motorcycles, boat motors, lawn mowers.

I was using the Mobile 1 equivalent, but at Wal Mart, it was not as readily available, and the price was $26.xx a gallon, vs, $20 for the Delo.
t6 rotella oem filter and amsoil bypass with archoil
Mobil 1 with Rev-X. Motorcraft/Racor oil filter and Racor 1 micron by-pass.
Just switched to Delo 400 synthetic and the truck seems to like it. Used T6 prior with good results

2005 F350 CCLB FX4
Rotella T6 with OEM filter.
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