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2001 f250 diesel 4x4 automatic

I have not turned a wrench in over 15 years. My husband died so I have no choice but to start again.
I have never owned a ford diesel before. I had a dodge.
I noticed on driving down the hwy a slight vibration. Barely feel it in steering wheel. Intermittent . Slight hesitation from when I start using throttle to actual movement. Thought was ujoint starting to go bad? Just this hwy road?
Today I found time to go under truck and check ujoints. Nothing to worry about. As I was laying under there I spotted what looked like a leak. So I shimmy towards the front. This is what I see... the starter is above it. Engine oil pan is directly in front of it.

So my question is... what is that?

I checked fluid in everything I could find with a dip stick. All have fluids.

My guess....bellhousing ?? Flywheel spit a tooth out?
Truck starts like a champ

I'm not sure which section to look at in manual. Lol

Can someone point me in correct direction. Thanks

Do I need to park truck? Or is that just a cover and not a pan?

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First, very sorry for your loss.

The pics:
That is the Torque converter cover. That hole is supposed to be there.
If the trans ever needs to be dropped, you remove that cover to get to the bolts that hold the TC to the flywheel.

Because that hole is a low point, it may seem like it's dripping. However, "IT" may not be. Up on the engine there is a weep hole in the back of engine valley where oil from the engine could be leaking down the back and ends up on that hole. I would recommend getting up on top, look down in the valley to see what's there. Underneath, try wiping down anything you can reach. Oil Pan, Trans pan, that cover, up each side of the engine, etc. If your fluids are at level, then you could just have stuff blowing around under there when you drive. Then keep an eye on it.

Also, Take a look @ the Ford Powerstroke 99-03 7.3L Forums - Lots of good info as well as helpful members to pick their brains.

Kind of partial to '01s myself. I've had my since '05 and it's now got over 262K on it. Still goes and goes!!
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