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I'd start with getting a torque pro application for your smart phone and blue tooth adapter (cheap and easy) way to read your Engine oil and coolant temps. (big time importance) in determining a near by oil cooler failure and exhaust gas cooler necessary replacement or an egr delete with new oil cooler.

Not to mention the app lets you check and monitor lots of other stuff

If not doing a lot of heavy towing or no plans to hot tune, I'd say head studs and external oil cooler not necessary. A lot of shops will want to do a cab off head studs, think LOTS of $70.00 per hour labor

That said, if EOT and ECT deltas are showing time for replacing the oil cooler ( first thing that fails) I'd do that and egr delete or a bulletproofdiesel EGR replacement with a bulletproofdiesel oil cooler relocation device. (that is what I plan unless I decide to upgrade to front mounted cooler)

Take a look at and clean the EGR valve, before that trip, if deltas are showing ok other than that and checking belts and hoses if it runs good on a daily basis I'd not jump into a EGR delete until needed per deltas showing a need for oil cooler/egr replacement.

If first owner kept up with oil and filter changes, there is a strong possibility you may be good for a while.

My 07, just went over 90k, never been opened, bone stock engine and deltas are fine, but when they show necessary I'm gonna do the bulletproofdiesel stuff.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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