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So super weird thing happening with my coolant levels lately.
it all started (or at least i noticed this yesterday) while climbing a hill doing 120km/hr heat on full blast. all of a sudden my vents started to blow cold air at me. my first reaction was to check the coolant levels. so i pulled over and checked the degas bottle, it was bone dry. fearing id either blown a head gasket or EGR cooler, I brought the truck strait home. popped the hood and walked away. came back in 10 minutes and the coolant level was right back at normal in the bottle... unscrewed the cap and it filled up even more.
i idled the truck for 15 mins and the coolant never dropped. then today when i went for a drive again, the same thing happened, all coolant disappeared from the tank, i unscrewed the cap and it filled back up.

some technical info that may or may not help
i monitor my ECT and EOT temps and they normally stay between 6-10 degrees apart. they will however hit 15 on occasion when say im cruising at a low speed. however i have never seen ECT over 190, and its always the lower number of the two.
ive replaced my stock degas cap with one from NAPA
air temperature is about -25 Celsius at the moment (making it impossible to tell if my exhaust is blowing white smoke or not)
I am running stock ford gold coolant
197 thousand km's

any idea or help would be greatly appreciated
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