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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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Drove it.
Same here Frank, washed it up....but it was only 45* outside so I guess that is love
Truck looks great Terry.

Painting up the tailgate I got from Zach to match the truck for a winter tailgate, if I get it done today, I will take pics.
it must be starting to get cold up there again
elmo is still alive
haha i bet they already have snow


*Had* ...but was 15* on thurs. morning.
2 weeks of work left
Get e-fuel done, yank motor out and fix leaking exhaust mani's and oil pan
Might take you up on that, will see whats going on when the time comes :thumb:
Moved map line to hot side of spyder, much better :thumb:
piks or it didnt happen slick :thumb:
I was thinking it when I finished it up....figured it would be you to call me out :dis:
we all know i have nothing better to do anyway but bust your balls shane lol
IKR, everyone here is happy I am here to take the heat off them :thumb:
My gas OBS ate the trans today.... ugh
Must be trans day, my buddies SD trans took a sh!t today too
i blew my mind what a difference that makes
I couldnt believe it when I drove it, I cant actually believe I drove it the way it was LOL
as opposed to reading boost off of the passenger plenum. it is rad off of the hot side of the IC so the computer sees more boost sooner and adjusts fueling accordingly. i got better throttle response and less smoke
Do this Kris, you will be amazed. My turbo lag is totally gone, it is like driving a different truck
I put mine on new...since it needed to be longer, and dont forget to plug the original outlet :thumb:
Sold it...
1 / 4 inch Eric
LOL, I wish the friggin ODO's actually worked in these trucks. I guess it wouldnt matter, the original one died at 434,000
Thats what I was thinking
well i got 50 miles on it and alot of idel time and its running better. it runs out real nice but coming back down to idel and just sitting there ideling its still rough, not as bad as before but still rough. should i start to be worrying or just keep running it?
Keep running it....lots of air in the system needs to get worked out
Like a new truck with all that LOL
I've been taking off to the floor at everystop. I've been taking all the back roads so I can do 65-80 the hole time. I'm starting to think its not air in the lines but maybe I got screwed with these injectors or i messed something up on the install. It starts up perfectly everytime and runs perfectly fine when throttle is applied but when no throttle is applied it runs real rough

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What tuning is currently being run?
I know you are sick of hearing it, and I know how nerve racking it can be to have something not right and everyone telling you to wait, it will be ok.....

Hang in there, it will clear up, there are a number of things that can cause your 'loping' down, but it needs to get some miles on it, an injector swap disrupts a lot of things in its path that take time to level back out
1 - 20 of 7157 Posts
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