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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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Got my passenger side cylinder head re-installed (thanks to a stubborn glow plug :doh:).
Completed my CCV mod.
Completed my coolant filter setup.
Coolant flush and refill.
New water pump and 203* T-Stat.
New Alternator.
Sand blasted and primered my intake, Spider, and intercooler pipes.
Took her for a spin to test out the new goods.
It was a good day for the old girl. Not so much for my wallet.
10in? I'd be afraid some punk kid would lodge a basketball in it or something.
or someone would mistake your truck for a dodge:icon_ford:
D a m low blow lol will u still change my hpop
Hahaha not directed at you man.
Just seems like the thing to do in my neck of the woods is buy a clapped out cummins, grind down the fuel plate, and put dual 10" stacks in the back. Then drive around the mall and try to blow as much smoke as possible in first gear.
ratt, got nothing againt a nice stack. Can't wait until I get back in the shop and can start work on my setup. Haven't decided between single 7" or dual 6" cat stacks, but either way it's going to be tits.
Powerstroke2501997, you and me would get along just great. Nothing beats a vintage tractor, especially one pulling. By far my favorite tractor ever is the 1957 Farmall D450 that I helped a friend of mine restore. Starts on gas, runs on diesel, and hasn't missed a beat in 55 years.
Used it to tandem pull my boss' 2003 Duraturd out of a peat bog...along with the tractor he was trying to rescue. Should have gotten it on video. She made me proud.
1 - 5 of 7157 Posts
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