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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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Drive for a couple hours to Pismo Beach for the weekend.

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She did get her bath first as always before a trip.

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Rrrraaiinn??? What's that? :D
3m perfect it achine polish

10 letters
Alex, you're chipped correct? Does your chip not lock the converter in 3rd?
Came into the light and installed my RiffRaff 6637 intake. We'll see how it does to the AFE this coming week.
We'll see. Since I already had the AFE I am now $110 in the hole.
First impressions are that the power rolls on a lot smoother. BUT... that might also be because my old AFE filter looks like I was filtering water for starving children in India.
...Today i still gotta go get fuel, which is now back up to $4.10 here.
I'll take that price any day. Heard on the news yesterday that Los Angeles is selling the most expensive fuel in the US. What I'm not really understanding is the fuel is made right here in Long Beach and Alex is getting it cheaper then I am. :Rant:

Hey Alex, what's this wet sh1t coming from the sky? You sending me your Nor. Cal. weather?
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Yeah, man. I'm still paying about 4.89 up here. On the way home from Sac this weekend I paid 4.25 (which was less than all the gasser prices :haha: )

And you asked me what rain was. I thought I'd send you some! :hehe:
Take it back. It's turning my truck from a dirty bastard to a spotted dirty bastard.
Use the block heater tonight (put it on a time to come on 3 hrs before you leave in the morning) and see if it's any better.
Once i pulled the sending unit,I found the fuel pick up screen completely covered in sludge. It kinda felt like slime.
Sounds like your breeding diesel bacteria. Hit the parts store and grab some Bio-Kleen.
Fixed several harness shorts and opens. Now I don't need to clear the codes after every start up.
^ Awesome. I love my Banks IC. I don't remember, do you have an Auto? Banks recommends moving the cooler down and away from where it was originally. I don't recommend this. Here in So. Cal it gets HOT in the summer and with the Trans cooler now behind the IC it HEATS the tranny in the summer to some nasty temps. Keep an eye on it.
Can't say for sure. I installed the whole Banks Power Package at the same time. Towing EGTs came down a lot but any IC should do that.
It's cold at night. Things shrink and pull away from each other.
The only thing (barring head gasket failure) above it is the water out neck back to the radiator. I do believe that coolant is effervescent. Do you have a black light?
Last thought is to borrow a cooling system pressurizer are charge up that system till she leaks. has pretty good pricing.
Finally got my cab lights on and here's a picture of the tail lights after there all cleared and back in
Looks great!

They weren't to bad I had the stock wiring harness and lights so I just had to run it and drill the holes, it was just a lot of measuring and then double measuring then measuring again just to make sure
Damn, I want cab lights too but was hoping that there was a some sort of template under the headliner. I'm too much of a chicken to drill the holes. My cousin replaced his cab lights with ones off a Pete. All glass so no fogging or etching down the line. Looks great and I want to do the same.
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