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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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Lately I've done e-fuel, grab handles, map mod(today) and new stereo and speakers. I am really happy with how it has turned out. The next things are a CCV mod, and a coolant filter or IH WP with integrated filter.
Well I got 2 tires to choose from nitto mud grappler and toyo mud terain so going with the toyo I think they r a harder compound than the nitto's it sucks no choices in a 38 at tire with 16 rim everything is 20's now a days but just no time to look for cheaper wheels and the right size tires to get rid of my 2" wheel spacers so oh well at least the truck is still I one piece and lucky I didn't have all the kids in there that would hav freaked them out!
They probably had too short of a rollbed as it requires at least a 21 ft deck to fit a crew cab long box. Furthermore with a lifted truck maybe they were worrying about being overheight.

When I worked at one of the west's biggest tire dealers we sold a lot of Toyo MTS and they are a real good tire.
My poor obs is been being neglected its sitting in the driveway covered in snow:doh:. And my new gauges and 6679 air filter are sitting on the back seat. And she has not been started in 2 weeks now
Even when I don't drive it I start er every day.
20's? I'm not a big fan of 20's. Personally I love the look of the truck as is. I love those mickey's. I think 16's are perfect for an OBS.
Yes sir! I agree with ya.
In Jordon's defence, Diesel Power did a comparison a couple months ago and found load, MPGs, and handling increased when you move to 20's. If you tow go big.
I think thats why semis run 19.5 super singles.
I love the look of this truck. This was being sold locally about a month ago. Not sure if the owner is on here or not so I hope they don't mind me posting a pic.

This truck has 20's on 35 and it looks pretty sick. The wheels are Fuel Octanes with an offset of -44.

I love that plate. That is the best part of that truck lol. I really want to get a 2wd shortbed regular cab diesel with a 5spd. Be my mpg beast.
:hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
Lol its got to be better than the 300 miles for both tanks I was getting. I started out at 450-500 miles per both tanks with 265s. I put 315's on and it dropped, a lot. I just did disc brakes on the rear and now I am at like 240 miles and my rear tank is just below the f. So I would say I had a dragging brake lol.
:doh: Crap. Walked right into that. And after I posted 'that's what she said' in giant font in another thread. :sad:
Hahahahahahah. :thumb:
I've got a nice, not ripped hood liner. Just sitting in my shop lol.
Where is it that you can wash your rig lol? Here it is nearly too cold for that and nearly too cold to weld even.
I'm seriously laughing hardcore at all this ginger talk. :)
My HID's finally got here and I got them installed after dinner! I couldn't feel my fingers it was so cold, but I couldn't wait any longer. :hehe:. My lights are waaaaay out of adjustment so I will take pictures tomorrow when they are completely finished. Thanks again for the help Alex!!
You are gonna be leaving much left on the table unless you go with a proper retrofit and projector lenses. Only costs around $300 or so to get it done.
Loaded the old transmission in the bed to send it off for core. Also got it a little sideways in the rain the other night. I was feeling like a young buck with my brother-in-law riding shotgun. What can I say? I like to show it off. Haha.
Haha nice.
I've got 5 or six stock speakers, and the stock am/fm/tape deck just sitting in my amazon box I got my new stuff in. They should all work.

If anyone wants one you can just paypal me shipping and it is yours.
Does that make you the second one now for a brand new 6.0 fan blade through the rad mod?
3rd or 4th IIRC... Stories like this make me hesitant to go with a 6.o fan.
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