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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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Bought a new radiator, gonna flush and install it tomorrow
read that and want one, what was the price? lol
Haha shush, I have them both on now :D

thats a nice lookin drive way got, who owns the obs 350, and the SD there too?
Eric have you ever thought to pullin out that hood liner?
hell i been trying to clean mine since the 1 and only time i ever went offroad

Wash wax and a new adjustable track bar.
nice, where you get the trac bar? and how much lift do you have if any?
Sunny SoCal my friend!
what part? kause it definatly rained in socal this morning in oceanside
Hey! Now I gotta stand watch at the truck all night. :hehe: You could always mount it to the left of the wheel.
mine is just setting on top of my dash lol, i am way to lazy to mount it too
killed a deer with it last night.
gonna cook it? nothing beats hunting with a 7k lbs. weapon
pretty sweet there brian, if i can find a plate steel peice i am gonna lift mine up 4 and go 37's need spare rims tho for off road only lol, what part of so cal you in?
Up the road from you about an hour or so in the San Bernardino area.

For the fella who just put the solid axle in post up some pics!
we need to have a wrenching weekend lol, me and some buddies down here do that a lot lol
Picked up a Dana 60 out of an 86 F350, and put the LED GPR light in it. :thumb:
how does this GPR LED work? we need piks, hopefully you didnt forget to take the drive shaft too, and the springs lol
hum, forgot to add to this thread. Last weekend I did the 140v IDM mod and this weekend removing Banks muffler for a delete pipe. Hoping for a better whistle.
you will really notice it in tunnels lol, i love bridges with my truck, thing screams
well one way to find out then lol, but i wanna get a bigger turbo and see how that does with some good sticks pushing it see what kinda whistle i get
i put bearings in the lower "ribbed" idler pulley and picked my daughter up from school
i have to allow my wife to drive it for the next few weeks................ not to found of this....... but cracked head between 3/4 cylinder in the jeep.... FML!!
fond is the word your looking for :thumb: and that suks, i gotta guy trying to trade me a jeep for my 86
you must have one expensive bank note bro, now whats the point in the 6.0 rad fan?
hmm, i may have to get me one, so many 6.0 things are going on mine these days, i hope my head gaskets dont fail lol
i think he made and hauled floats for parades, rite? i remember him saying no car insurance would cover it and had cruise ship insurance or something crazy lol

but matt i think i may have to go out in the world and find one of these, ya cant beat less weight and more flow, another way to keep me from going to an electric fan lol, so it is just the fan i dont need/cant use the fan clutch from a 6.0?
lol, mine actually broke the hole it screws into on the dash portion lol, i need to swap in my bronco dash but havent figured out a good use for the rear window defrost button since i added my roll along light switches to it, kinda useless for me now :dunno:
piks or it didnt happen slick :thumb:
we all know i have nothing better to do anyway but bust your balls shane lol
yeah well sometime this morning alex got his new trans in, and cannon that sux, was it an E4OD or AOD? hopefully you can find another cheap replacement
terry and shane, one of ya'll should post a pik of this mod, kause whats the point?
ok cool, thanks terry, and i need to do this now, but i would need a new hose for the map line, or am i making that the map line now?
lights look good ranger, and i put air in my tire, damn this slow leak
Sold it...
impossible, you already told me i could buy it off you if you EVER sold it
Put led bulbs everywhere.

looks good, what did you do to combat the fast flash?
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