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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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I like ISSPRO, there nice stuff.
My vote is for ISSPRO ev2's.

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I started out by washing my 2012 F350 and looked over at my 97 and it was begging for some of that new truck TLC so I washed it as well. Both F350's got their weekly bath. :rofl:
Glad you didn't forget about the OBS! Haha.

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I let it cool down overnight from the drive to sacramento last night, then woke up and drove it to Ukiah today. Mountain roads got my brand new transmission fluid to 280 (hottest temp all day). Looks like a better cooler and another fluid change is already on the docket. :doh: You're letting me down here, B&M.
Flush it with Scheaffer's All-Trans, and get that Tru-Cool.
I think my chip will finally be here today, if so I will be installing that

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Towed the father in laws truck to his work and found another fuel leak the sensor on the back side of the bowl whats the fix for that?
Electric fuel conversion/fuel bowl delete. :haha:
Changed my oil and filter to Amsoil 25k synthetic oil. Truck runs a lot better. Can't wait to change the rest of the fluids to Amsoil.

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You there for good Kris? Military move?
Glad to hear there was no serious damage Terry. Hope you get her all fixed up. :thumb:
decided to break it, not mine dad's rollback and not me breaking it, but it decided to not run anymore on rt 50. rt 50 is a fairly busy road and in the summer it is the main road to the beach. had to borrow a top kick wrecker to get it back to the shop. it has been a wonderful month. (that was laced with sarcasm in case you missed it)
Sounds like a good time. (That was sarcasm in case you missed it.) :haha:

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Any idea what happened?

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Thought it was supposed to be what you did to your obs not with your obs :look::dunno:

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So I'm sending my injectors back and spending anywhere from $20-200 and will not be spending money there no longer.
What happened?

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Well the democrats ignore the consitution anyways so why couldnt they ignore that section lol
Because they only ignore it when it benefits them.

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You'll like the WW2!!!!Got on in my truck!!!!!Got a question for ya....What size is a stock 95 7.3 turbo housing???:dunno:

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