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What did you do to your OBS today?

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The Super Duty section has this thread but we don't. So.....

What did you do to your OBS today?

I replaced my starter and my 6637 intake. The starter was about to fail and, well, the filter speaks for itself:


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It wasn't today, but a couple days ago I rolled it over 66,000 miles. Time to park it!
I'm jealous! Haha, mine has too many miles to pay attention to. Love your rig. By the way, thanks for the links to those headlights today, I saw your post earlier but forgot to respond.
I only wish I could do something with my truck today. I'm missing my baby while I am taking an all expenses paid vacation in Afghanistan. (Oh, I miss my wife too) LOL
Thank you for your service!
got a huge door ding!!!!!!!!
That sucks! I have so many dents and dings on mine I never know if they are new or not :doh:

i have a policy of leaving a size 13 boot print in who ever door dings my ****, but i have a white scuff mark and had a black truck parked by me. dont think his doors would even reach.
I like your policy!
Headlights. turns and markers are in,,, what a pain that is, especially aligning headlights. In the mean time, I think I found out what happened to the tranny. There is old oil spray from tranny cooler all over the pass. side of the truck. I think the PO wasn't as diligent with care and maint. as his father thought. I also found that the batteries are 2007 date stamped, so time for some new batteries.

I love the look of the clear headlights!
Sweet, got any pics? I've been wanting to get new headlights, too, but no $$.

Buttoned up the transmission job today. Ran the new 3/8" line for the new cooler I put on yesterday. Truck drives fine with the new valve body from Punisher, shifts through all gears. Only had a short stretch of road to test it out on (buttoned it up and had to drive it back to work.) Still need to top it off a bit and then I can actually go test it out. So far I've only driven it in TS' stock tune. Let's hope it will behave with the 75hp tune, too. (It's my favorite.)
Want to come work on my trans next since you are a pro now? :laugh:
Couple pics of the new headlights, turns and markers with LEDs. Still have the batteries out, so no pics of rear lights yet.

Looks sharp man!

No pics yet, I'll take some tomorrow, but I repainted my dash, door panels and trim today.
Whoa! You painted all that today Eric? Nice. Did you pull the dash? You'll have to walk me through it. My interior won't be nearly finished for the meet this weekend. I might not even get my HIDs installed in time. :doh:
Sure did! Although I can't say I did the whole thing today, I ordered the paint a couple of weeks ago to do an experiment and then today I kinda half-assed finished it up. Had a helluva time getting all the pieces back together since a ton of the pieces were cracked or broken :doh: I didn't pull the dash but now looking at it I think I should because its really tight getting to some of the areas. I taped the big stuff off and sprayed the surface area so it doesn't look completely bad on Saturday :rofl:

I really like how yours is coming along, by the way. I think when I replace all of my broken pieces I might black mine out, too. I can't wait to check it out in person :thumb:
:hehe: It's a bit irritating, but I'll take the rain over the heat any day. It gets to be 70 degrees here (Fortuna, CA) and people start dying left and right.
Man, I would love rain and cool temps, sounds great to me! I'm like a hermit from April to October, too dang hot for me

I'm about sick and tired of all this damn rain. Needed it all summer for our crops to grow, never got it. Now its time to get the crops in, and we can't cause it won't stop raining!

Anyways so far i've drove it, filled it up and pulled the front bumper off. But its getting ready to rain so i'll prolly be driving for a day or so with no front bumper.
Haha, that's the way it always seems to go. I ran my truck bumper less for a few days, looked kinda cool actually lol.

Washed mine today and took it for a little drive.
Just got finished washing mine. Took me about 2 hours and it doesn't even look good :doh:

Vacuumed out the carpet, still looks like crap :doh:

Tried all week to get my HIDs installed and the rest of the interior panels painted... didn't get either done :doh:

Started the truck up at the car wash, drove it the back way home on a long empty stretch of road, flipped the chip to 100hp tune, and put the hammer down: Chip + Punisher valve body = chirped second gear :thumb:
Haha, I feel your pain there, Alex. I spent about an hour/hour and a half washing mine this evening, and it doesn't look any better at all. My carpet is so dirty my steam cleaner just clogs up everytime I clean it :doh: I guess that's what I get for buying a retired farm truck, eh?

Glad to hear your trans work came out to be a success :D I can't wait to put a new valve body in mine.
Re-clear coated the bed of the truck and put my new rims and tires on. I have been working on repainting and redoing the truck completely. Not done yet but getting there

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That looks great! :thumb:
Its only been a month and a half, that's not too long of a wait, right? :rofl:
Haha, don't you love the handy work that the PO's always manage to do? Post up some pics when you have the lights in :D
Those look killer! I really want cab lights on mine. How hard were they to install?
That does look really good, but I'm old school. I prefer smaller wheels and bigger tires, but that's just me. I've never really seen a bad looking OBS.
That looks great, I think its just right. Where did you get those headlights if you don't mind me asking?
I pulled my seat out today and steam cleaned my carpet. I wondered why it was smelling so bad haha, it was disgusting...



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Thanks Alex. I had no idea it was that bad, I dropped my iPod and when I got out of the truck I leaned over to grab it and saw all of that. Definitely worth the effort.
Nice man. That is a full time job right there. I spent 4 hours doing mine and I felt I could have spent another 2. It seems like no matter how many time you go over it dirt still comes up. I could smell each owner from cig smoke, spilled dip spit, and horse sh*t.
Thanks! Man, I know. It took me two and a half hours just do that, and like you said, I was still getting dark brown water coming up. I'll probably do it again in the spring once it stops raining. All of the years of being a fleet truck and then a farm truck were visible in that carpet.

Installed new headlights today! of them anyway:
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read that and want one, what was the price? lol
Haha shush, I have them both on now :D

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Eric have you ever thought to pullin out that hood liner?
Hahaha funny you mention that, Tim was just giving me crap for that today. Considering a good 3/4 of it is gone, and whats there isn't much, I think I'll just rip it off. You'd think I'd notice it more with how much I have the hood up, but I guess I am used to it lol.

thats a nice lookin drive way got, who owns the obs 350, and the SD there too?
Thanks Kris! The OBS 350 is my dad's, used to be a work horse but now its just a commuter, and the SD is my brothers. Its safe to say we like Ford trucks :thumb:.

Yea, Kris. I soaked mine in diesel when the bowl lid leaked and just tossed it. Didn't want my truck to turn into a molatov c**cktail.
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