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So since my truck has the after market bumper, there are unfortunately no front tow hooks. Maybe the move for me is to just get the blocker beam replacement one, and have a tow hooks insert for it, or weld some tow hooks to the blocker beam replacement hitch?

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I got a little lost, if your truck doesn't have the blocker beam you wont be able to install the blocker beam receiver. Also the tow hooks are not needed but they are wider then the section that is sandwhiched so you don't even have to have them or put them on. Just removal for installation purposes etc.

I would reach out to etrailer or see if you can download the instructions. If your aftermarket bumper has the clearance or opening in the same spot as the oem foglights you may just need some longer bolts. But without seeing how yours is mounted its all guessing to be honest. If you have some fab skills you could always see what it takes to buy a 2in receiver tube and some angle iron and brace it to your current bumper. I wanted a winch style bumper for the looks but I don't use the winch but once or twice a year at max. I am going to the shop this weekend though so I can try and take some pictures but 90% is covered by the oem front bumper. Hopefully some will help with your future project.

I think etrailer even has an install video. They are usually detailed and may help more.
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