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What did you do to your 7.3 Today?

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Well I know the 6.4 guys have a thread like this but I've never seen one for us 7.3 guys, so I figured I would start one.

So like the title says what did you do to you 7.3 today? Maintenance, performance, washed the windows, whatever.

I tested the coolant and found that it was in need of a DCA additive in the coolant. So I went to the truck stop and got a pint of DCA and a 5" band clamp. Put about half the pint in the resivor and I'll see if its any better tomorow. As far as the band clamp goes, I finally got around to fixing my tip that was held on with 3 tack welds and got a good clean clamp on it.

So what did yall do?
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I didn't get to do anything to it. The wife wanted to drive it, so I took her Jeep to work. :D

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In the middle of putting X code leafs on the front. One down. Wow, what a PITA. I'll post before n after pics in a few hrs. Bushings were shot.
In the middle of putting X code leafs on the front. One down. Wow, what a PITA. I'll post before n after pics in a few hrs. Bushings were shot.
Got r done. Brought it up 3.5" now I've got more room to bring a beer with me on the creeper. That pulled the track bar over too the axle is centered up much better.

Land vehicle Pickup truck Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive tire

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used mine to chase parts all day for a friends t bucket we were engine detailing a lil spray paint and chrome polish goes a long ways i know its a lil off topic but the 7.3 did tow it home and get the parts and i figured yall would think its cool at least in south louisiana its only about 55-60 degrees today
U suck. Lol. I wish it was 55 here. It was 8 degrees last night here.
Replaced EBPS tube and yeah, I have good readings now thx to a friends AE. Also replaced thermostat with Dieselsite's 203* stat. Hopefully I will see significant MPG increase. Already smokes a lot less after warmup.

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Replaced original track bar with MOOG bar. Before I pulled the old one, I measured to see how much my axle is offset to the passenger side. Then pulled it, compared it to the new bar, and low n behold, the new bar is built shorter. :beer: Installed new one and remeasured, and it pulled the axle back to the driver side dead nuts even. No need for adjustable sway bar. :beer: Now gotta get it scheduled in for 4 wheel alignment and camber fixed. :beer:

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Finally got front end alignment after track bar replacement. Installed all new MOOG tie rod ends and link bars. Wow, steering is so much better, no more bump steer. Next is bilstein 5100's.

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Had to replace the serp belt so along with a new Dayco belt I thought now was the perfect time to install a new upper rad hose (the dual alternator style that goes around the belt instead of through the belt), a 203* thermostat, and a coolant filter system thanks to Dieselsite. This kit was so straight forward and easy to install, I think my 10 year old could have done it.[/QUOTE

How about a caveman :D

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Drove it to work but I did order my GTP38R with WWGII installed by Bob at Dieselsite and a mag hytec rear diff cover. :)

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I rebuilt my rear wheel hubs. Finally found my main vibration. Yes, there are more. :banghead:The spanner nuts were not preloaded right and the inner race of the outter bearings were spinning on the shaft. By the way Rock auto had by far the best price for all Timken components.

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Rock Auto is great !
I printed off online invoice before I paid then went to autozone and they price matched so I didn't have to wait for shipping.
Balanced tires today and sent out an oil sample. Check out my thread for my balance results in the drive train problem forum. Lol

Gonna get new wheels n rubber.

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Balanced rear driveshaft. Definitely was out of balance but not terrible. Installed new carrier bearing. Lol I had to drive in front wheel drive cause I didn't have a vehicle to fit the 95" long drive shaft in. It was snowing pretty good and the shop didn't have any room inside for me to take it off there.

Still getting bad vibration and also have a lot of slop in the transfer case chain.

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Hauled a huge load of firewood. Was a nice and smooth ride home.
When I bought mine it was $4500 w/o core. But you also get a triple disk billet converter included. $1000 for core.

If you read just about all 7.3 builds in diesel magazines it will be a BTS. Sometimes a John Wood trans.

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Started the 38R w/ billet WW install. Got the RiffRaff intake plenums in. Cleaned up the fuel bowl. Lots of grime. Removed the ebv and tapped/plugged the holes in the outlet flange. 1/2" pipe tap is perfect, didn't have to drill anything. Retapped the the pedestal for the ebpv delete. Replaced the ICP sensor (had oil in the plug). Hopefully I'll get it finished up tomorrow.

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Replaced all the bolts on the passenger side exhaust manifold. Installed bellowed up pipes. 38R is on the deleted ebpv pedestal. Can't seem to get the v-band clamp on for the up pipe/turbo connection. Forgot to order the larger v-band clamp for the turbo to spider connection. :banghead::banghead::banghead:
I quit for the night. :beer::beer: :)
Finally installed GTP38R with dieselsite WW2, international bellowed up pipes, Riffraff intake plenums, new 22" Incubus Poltergeist chrome/black wheels with Nitro Terra Grapplers, and wouldn't you know, f...ring batteries are dead and can't try it out :mad: and no jump start cart. SOB. :banghead: I guess I'll drink some beers and wait til morning. :beer::beer::beer:

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