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What did you do to your 7.3 Today?

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Well I know the 6.4 guys have a thread like this but I've never seen one for us 7.3 guys, so I figured I would start one.

So like the title says what did you do to you 7.3 today? Maintenance, performance, washed the windows, whatever.

I tested the coolant and found that it was in need of a DCA additive in the coolant. So I went to the truck stop and got a pint of DCA and a 5" band clamp. Put about half the pint in the resivor and I'll see if its any better tomorow. As far as the band clamp goes, I finally got around to fixing my tip that was held on with 3 tack welds and got a good clean clamp on it.

So what did yall do?
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I have a free day today so changed the engine oil. It looked brand new when I got the truck back in March and I only put 2300 miles on it but about 500 of those were pulling my 5th wheel.

The oil came out looking pretty black. Is this normal ?

I know there is a huge debate on whether to change the HPOP reservoir, but I decided to change mine because I have a qt pump that worked perfectly. Only took me 10 mins and I replaced with exact amount of brand new Delo 400 LE.

The whole job took about an hour because I took my time. :woohoo:


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You can get all the neccasry items at your local autopart store. Autozone has the valve part #74809 for $18.99 and with the other misc. items needed it's probably no more then $30-35 for the ranger mod.

Read through this Ranger Mod

One thing I do like about the ranger mod is you can configure it to work with ac, max ac and vent. Where the Dieselsite one only works in max ac.
Thanks for the link.
This mod will come in handy here in AZ at 120* !!
On a roll so yesterday decided to do my diff. fluid. Man that stuff stinks.
Everything looked pretty good.
Now I'm waiting for silicone to dry real well before refilling.

I noticed some orange silicone (I think) on the fill plug.
Any ideas what this is ? Do I need to seal with it when I put back ?


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from the factory. I didn't put any RTV on one once and then I just put a dab on one the 2nd time I figured the security of no drips was reason enough.
Thats what I was thinkin Justin.

Does that mean this fluid has never even been checked ?
With 196k on the clock , I'm glad I'm doin it now !
Took a day drive up the Old Control Road to Black Mountain Truck Trail Idyllwild, Ca yesterday. It was great fun and saw great views.
What is that shade you have ?
Got any better pics and where can I get one ?
Hey oilcan it is an Alu-Cab shadow 270 awning made in South Africa. My wife and I like boondocking and shade is nice to have when you are not near trees. We have being going to Overland Expo West for a few years now and saw it there in 2016. It is killer and really strong and require no poles to be used if there is no to light winds! It deploys in about 20 seconds and can be put away in 2 minutes or less. They are basically designed for off-road out back rigs or overlanding.

Note we are not sponsored by Alu-Cab or their US importers, these things are pricey.

Link to Alu-cab sells video.
Very nice piece of equipment.
Not cost effective for me though.
I have better ways to spend $1500 bucks.

Thanks for the link ToyMan
I'm changing my trans fluid today . The fuzz on magnet I know is normal.
I caught a half cup of old fluid when draining and compared to the new stuff is this normal looking or ?
Also found a re-manufactured tag.
Can the numbers on the tag tell me anything ?


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Had Window Tint installed today. Limo tint is mandatory here in Phoenix

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Couple days ago I changed my transfer case fluid and dropped in a new air filter (AIS).
So within the last couple weeks I've changed every fluid on the truck except front diff and power steering.
Those will have to wait till I get back from vacation.
Drove "Hercules" to Sturgis last week pulling a trailer with 3 Harleys on it.
Ran flawless all the way there and most of the way back.
At 40 miles outside of Flagstaff the front wheel bearing let go.
I kept it straight and got pulled over to the side.
Called AAA and they loaded the truck on a flatbed and towed the trailer all in one shot in to the dealer in Flagstaff.
If my brother hadn't been with me (he has AAA) would have cost me about $550 for the tow
Now I'm waiting for tomorrow to find out the damage $$.
I drove mine 1300 miles over the last two days. I was towing my 7x16 ft cargo trailer loaded with everything from my garages. Ran 70 most of the way. Averaged around 10.5 mpg. The old girl pulled good! Love driving it. I had to laugh....before this trip, I had driven it 78 miles since Dec.2015. I guess 2016 and much of 2017 was a slow year. She's still got under 30k on the odometer. I think now that it is parked in its new home I will let it rest a bit again.

Drove 359 miles up to the lake for the weekend.

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Seems like a long way to get to your lake :surprise:
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Drove back from the lake this morning and the guys got all the trusses set and most of the girders.

Roof should be on tomorrow and then start prepping the ground for mud.
Nice addition/expansion.
I'm curious why the pad comes after the framing ?
We do it just the opposite here in the desert.
2 more loads of sand today, weighed 20,500 on the last one. Truck is running great.
Are you making a private beach with all that sand ? :crazy:

You keep teasing us with your load posts, got any pics ? :shrug:
Compared to what some guys on here are pulling with their trucks, I feel a little insignificant, lol
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Took a drive to pick up my new front hub assembly's. Need a couple more things before I start.

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I changed out the relay in the fuse panel and has not happened since.
Which relay ?
Parts came in Monday so yesterday I tore in to the hubs.
It was actually much easier than I expected.

- 2 new Timken hub assemblies
- brand new upgraded caliper slide pins
- cleaned & re-lubed locking hubs
- capped of vacuum lines to make it a manual locker

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What was the preferred lube used when changing your hubs?

A red high temp bearing grease is what I used

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Were the studs already installed in the hubs when you unboxed them?

They were not installed, but they were in the bottom of box in a package along with the yellow O ring. Wish I had known before I ordered them

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