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What did you do to your 7.3 Today?

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Well I know the 6.4 guys have a thread like this but I've never seen one for us 7.3 guys, so I figured I would start one.

So like the title says what did you do to you 7.3 today? Maintenance, performance, washed the windows, whatever.

I tested the coolant and found that it was in need of a DCA additive in the coolant. So I went to the truck stop and got a pint of DCA and a 5" band clamp. Put about half the pint in the resivor and I'll see if its any better tomorow. As far as the band clamp goes, I finally got around to fixing my tip that was held on with 3 tack welds and got a good clean clamp on it.

So what did yall do?
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I put my pudgy butt inside and let it take me to work.
Yesterday, I put new mud flaps on the truck.

Several weeks ago, while on an RV trip, I picked up a tie down strap in my tire and it whipped around and wreaked havok on my truck.

My old mud flap after being folded up into the wheel well and a hole burned through it by the tire.

New Tires and new mud flap.
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Yesterday I installed new front caliper slide pins and boots with some fresh lube. I had broken springs on both sides, so I imagine the brakes were dragging a little and that explains the tiny squeal I heard when stopping. Not any more! Stops straight and no sound.

I also tightened the two torx screws under the dash that come loose and make your automatic shifter loose and feel sloppy. If your gear selector is mushy, get under your dash and tighten them up!! Feels SO much better now. Mine were about to fall out, scary!

HMMMM - I've been getting a squeek lately. Got me wondering if I need to do some checking behind the wheels. Thx
Yesterday, I gave the ol' boy a wash! It has only rained here a couple of times so far. The road still have a bunch of summer crud on them. When it does rain, the sides of my white truck gets a bunch of turd brown spots all over it. To me, nothing looks better than a freshly washed truck and dressed tires. Boy does it look good!
Nothing beats a clean, sharp looking rig! What do you use on the tires?

I use Westley's Tire Bleche to clean the tires. I dress it with the above. After spraying on, I wipe it around to make it even and to keep it from being too shiny. Personally, don't care for glossy tires.
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does that have alcohol in it like armor all does?
I just went and read the label. It doesn't show the ingredients. It does caution of a skin irritant and to wash your hands with soap and warm water. The tires do stay 'dressed' looking for quite awhile.

Just something about a black tire and white lettering. (I have my letters out)

This is what one of the tires looked like after applying the protectant above right after I got the tires.
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Sunday, I went out to check my brakes. I've been having the 'pulsing' brake issue. Rotors looked good, pads looked good, pitman arm, tie rod ends, track bar/panhard bar all looked good. I did find my lower left ball joint moves in/out more than it should. Need to call to see how much that's going to run. Oh yay...can you tell I'm excited about laying out more money? :( :(
Saturday, I couldn't take it anymore - I washed the truck. Sunday, I did the detailing stuff (Dressed the tires, the front bumper cover/valance, the rear bumper cover and the bed-rails. All looks good.....until tomorrow when it's supposed to rain. It figures. :nod:
@ dusted4eva
Sorry for my ignorance but "check out your sig" is be glad to if you point me in the right direction. Again thanks for any help with my truck.
The "Sig" or Signature is anything at the bottom of a post. You'll notice that those who have a sig have a short line on the left side of the post. Anything below that is the signature. You can set one up in your USER CP (Control Panel) by clicking on the User CP in the black nav bar at the top of the page. In the left column, under Settings & Options, you'll see "Edit Signature" - Click in there and set one up for yourself. Have fun!
It was a week ago, but I had to have the driver's side UVCH replaced on my truck. That bank quit working and boy does it make it hard to drive!
The calipers were seized. Only the front drivers was working. So I thought I may as well shotgun them and call er good. :thumb:
Not a big fan of shotgunning, BUT sometimes it makes the most sense. Good call!!
Saturday, I had the left side ball joints done. What was awesome was when the guy got done, he put it on the alignment rack to do the alignment.....but it came in within specs so....I didn't get charged for the alignment part! :woot:

It's amazing how much smoother it steers. :nod:
Took the beast out and hand washed it!

Welcome to the ORG! The truck looks great!!! I need to get that done too!!!

Lookin' a bit tired there! Why??? :hehe:

Friday, I got the oil/filter changed..................AND found the drive belt shredded. Got to looking and found belt strands all over the place. After pulling them out from everywhere I noticed that the tensioner assembly was out of whack. I bought a new one and a belt. Didn't take too long to replace either.

When the belt shredded, it took the "T" end of the dipstick off. The part that fits in the tube is still there and holding all of it in right at the end of the tube. Need to figure out how to get it out.
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After a week or so of rain and road yuck....I got 'im washed!!! :nod:
Ordered a new dip stick. The last time my belt shredded, it took the "T" off the top of the dip stick. Waiting for it to get here so I can fish out the old one and install the one.
Fill 'er up this morning with Diesel @ $3.79/gal.
Monday evening, I had to remove my chrome fuel door to clean / adjust the mechanism that lets the door open / close. It was sticking so the door was difficult to get open at the gas station. Works much better now.

This weekend - doing oil / filter change. Also need to pull the dip stick tube to remove the old dipstick. I shredded a belt a little while ago and as it whipped around, it snapped the "T" off the top. I bought a new dip stick, it's @ the house ready to go in.
On my way to work this morning, I got watch my odometer roll over to 188,000! :woot:
Installed 6oh cooler other day. Just a lil bigger than the stock one. Put my own kit together and eliminated the cooler in the radiator. Bypass removal sleeves on the way from BD.

Towed my 5er yesterday and tranny bout 25* cooler when towing. Much better
You'll love that thing! :thumb: One of the best mods I did to my truck!

As scheduled, on Saturday, did my oil/filter change. Pulled the dip stick tube to remove the broken dip stick. All went according to plan and I have the new dip stick installed. :thumb:
Funny story: My 7 year old grandson wanted to "help Papa" work on the truck. He's helped his dad do oil changes before. We're laying on the driveway under the truck. I loosened the pan plug, but let him remove it. Once the oil started coming out, he asked why it was taking so long. :hehe: I dumbed down the explanation for him. While we were waiting for it to drain, he said it was boring. I said, "Not really - We get to lay under the truck, relax, in the shade." Suddenly, he thought being on the driveway under the truck was a really good idea. :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
I took old blue out of the garage today & took a for a ride to Chico & back. I topped the tank off with a little over 2 gallons of fuel, wiped the dust off the hood & then parked it back in it favorite stall. 17 miles to go before it rolls over to 25K. :yikes: I don't know what the big deal is, but I just don't want to see the odometer hit that number. :dunno:
It's okay Neil - Lots of people have an aversion to turning a certain age they don't want to hit.
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